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Sorrow against the current into the river feeling after the whole! The road of growth must be strong

After reading Guo Jingming's "sadness against the current into a river" and "sadness against the current into a river" a film adapted by Guo Jingming, it is very inspiring. Here are some feelings of sadness against the current into a river! Admonish everybody to grow up the road must be strong.

When I see the most moving face in sadness against the river, I also feel sour in my nose. It seems that there are tears to flow out, but the tears still don't flow down. It's not that he doesn't describe enough sadness, but that Yi Yao will have the final result many times, although there are many reasons for others' incomprehension and merciless destruction of her. But she herself made an irreparable mistake.

If she was not pregnant with Li Zhe's child, how could she have a series of later tragedies? When she needed help most, no one with her classmates would reach out to help her. On the contrary, she would only accept the sneer of others.

The author's life is too dark, even the beginning of the article also wrote:

'open the door and the thick fog is pouring into the room. Overhead was the white light that floated in the deep winter.

It was still early in the morning, and the light was too late to shine through the long hall. The boxes, pots and garbage cans stacked on both sides of the alley can only float a light gray outline in the fog. '

'the two men went to the bright entrance of the alley and disappeared into a thick white fog.

How to describe the world you live in.

Overhead is a crisscross antenna, dividing the sky. The clouds are low and low in the narrow sky. Lead gray broken clouds cast light and shadow along the lane.

Every day when I go to school after school, it must be such a narrow corridor like a time corridor. On the head are the clothes hung by each family. They will never dry in the rainy season, but they still do. '

In the end, Yi Yao committed suicide by jumping off a building. If it was me, I think I would also choose to die.