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How to clean snow boots when they are dirty? Correct steps for cleaning and maintenance of snow boot

Warm, comfortable, light and versatile snow boots are now popular all over the world. Snow boots are the favorite of winter girls. Compared with ordinary cotton shoes, they have a much better thermal effect. How to clean the dirty snow boots?

Daily maintenance:

Snow boots are made of fur. The material is made of high-quality sheepskin. Therefore, professional sheepskin brush and special cleaning soft glue should be used in daily care and maintenance of snow boots. Professional care brush is not easy to wear to the sheepskin, if there is a particularly dirty place, you can wipe back and forth, and then use the special soft rubber after wiping.

Cleaning chapter

When cleaning boots, you need to use cold water! Use cold water! Use cold water! Say important things three times!

If the stain on the shoe body is heavy, a small amount of cold water should be used to wet the shoe body when cleaning the boot body. Do not soak too much, and hot water must not be used for cleaning. Hot water will reduce the stickiness of the shoe glue, damage the natural elasticity of sheepskin, and cause the consequences such as the opening of the sole or the shrinkage of the shoe body. When cleaning, use a professional brush and brush the entire vamp gently. After cleaning, put the snow boots in a cool and windy place to dry naturally. Remember not to use the dryer, or let the boots be exposed to the sun.

When the shoes are dried after cleaning, the sole should be placed upside down. Generally, the whole shoe body will be completely dried in a day or two. After drying, there will be a small amount of shrinkage on the shoe body. Don't worry. This is a normal phenomenon of sheepskin material. After about an hour of wearing, the shoes will return to their former elasticity and comfort.

After the snow boots are dried, spray the waterproof spray on the surface of the boots and place them for 10 minutes to dry naturally. This will enhance the water resistance of the boots. After the whole cleaning and nursing process is completed, use a special brush to gently brush the surface of shoes in one direction to help restore the beautiful and smooth texture appearance of sheepskin.


When cleaning snow boots, be sure to remember the following principles:

1. Do not soak the shoe body. If there is any stain, wet it with water.

2. Do not use any detergent containing bleaching agent, but use a special needle cleaner for sheepskin.

3. After cleaning, make sure to dry the snow boots in a cool place. Do not use any method to heat and dry them. Do not expose them to the sun.

4. The cleaning process must be operated by hand and cannot be dry cleaned.

5. The sheepskin material is soft. When you don't wear snow boots on weekdays, don't forget to put the snow boots shoe support in the boots to keep the boots upright.

Specific analysis of specific problems

Encounter water

If it comes into contact with water and rain, do not wash it with clear water! Do not wash it with mud! Do not expose it to the sun. Be sure to use a blower to blow dry in cold air first, till it is completely dry. The faster the process is completed, the better. In the process, the dust and mud on the shoes are slowly dusted off. Don't wipe it with your hands or cloth, just brush it slowly. When it's completely dry, rub it with a clean cloth towel, and then start to rub it with a little rubber. Don't choose the rubber that is too hard. It's the cheapest rubber used by primary school students. It's best to rub something casually and drop the rubber crumbs. Wipe the vamp with each pointed part. When it's flat, replace it with another one. The strength should be light, and you should first feel the grain of the leather and wipe it in a single direction. The rubbers are finally used to wipe the sides and bottom of the sole. The personal feeling is that even the bottom should not be washed with water, especially when it is dirty, the more you wash, the more you spend. The big black block that can't be wiped off should also be cleaned carefully and dried quickly.

Oil stain

Although the professional detergent can be washed out, it will fade, and a small piece of it will be uncomfortable. A good way is to use soap or soap powder (soap detergent detergent absolutely not), in the palm of the hand to play a bubble, and then use a small make-up brush, stained with a little bit of foam brush oil stains, brush with a paper towel to remove the foam. Dark color, with a light makeup remover to take care of a time, with paper to absorb, do not touch again with water.


It's also used. It really feels like ha ha. Dark color system, small area is OK. Throw the big one directly. Or consider a way to stay alive. Wash it once or twice with a professional detergent until it becomes a strange color and finally becomes even.

Inner hair

There is nothing more effective than professional cleaning agent. After washing, the hair becomes a bit collapsed. But for the cleanliness, it has a quick and obvious effect. Besides, grease and humidity are the biggest detractors of inner hair, while dust is the second. There is a very lovely way to wash it with the bath powder of chinchilla. The effect is good, but it's better to turn it upside down and blow it with a hair dryer after the event, shake it and put it on for two or three days. Because the particles of bath powder are very fine, it is difficult to shake them clean.