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Which month is the best time to visit the snow in Hokkaido? Best time for skiing in Hokkaido

In winter, Hokkaido is not as cold as you think, but it's much more fun than you think. How many months is it better to go to Hokkaido to watch the snow in winter? It's a dream for many people to go to Hokkaido to watch the snow, so what's the best way to ski in those months? Hokkaido is different from Tokyo, and there are not many ancient traces here. Sightseeing is mainly based on natural landscape and rural scenery, with small freshness and European and American customs.

What month is it good to go to Hokkaido to watch the snow?

December to February is the best time to watch snow in winter in Hokkaido. The ski resorts in the suburbs are open one by one. You can also take a regular sightseeing bus to watch the snow from the car and enjoy the white Christmas. Hokkaido, the winter high tide, is a resort for tourists to enjoy various snow sports. All over the country, there are festivals for citizens and tourists to participate in, which are very lively.

Best skiing time:

Generally speaking, the best skiing season in Hokkaido is in January and February, which are favorable for skiing both in terms of snow thickness and compactness. Moreover, most of the ski resorts will open for winter skiing in late December, and the specific date will be determined according to the actual snowfall of each year. Moreover, in terms of geographical location, the ski resorts in the north of Daodong will be opened earlier than those in the south. So, if you want to experience skiing, it's better to arrange after late December.

What are the ski resorts in Hokkaido?

In winter, there are many ski resorts in Hokkaido, including Sapporo, which are mainly divided into two categories,

One is resort type, which integrates skiing, hot spring, catering, entertainment and shopping. The location of the resort is biased, so the transportation is relatively inconvenient. However, the resort will provide free or charged bus connection services, depending on their geographical location, but in general, the resort located near daoyang and Daonan will provide bus services to and from the new millennium airport or Sapporo, but the number of buses will not be many.

The other is park type, that is to say, some parks with large price competition can see colorful scenery in spring and summer, and turn into snow project sites in winter, such as suzulan Park, sheep hill, etc. the transportation of these parks is much more convenient than that of resorts.

The ski resort near Sapporo is well-known as Sapporo International Ski Resort, with convenient transportation. There are direct buses to and from Sapporo Station. In addition, there are snow projects in suzulan Park, Shoudao ski resort and yangzhiqiu.

The best skiing time in Hokkaido is from January to February, so friends who want to go skiing in Hokkaido can start to prepare for the trip~