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What is the harm of female dysmenorrhea? Never neglect

many women have experienced dysmenorrhea. Most of the dysmenorrhea in women is caused by the cold of the body, so what are the hazards of dysmenorrhea in women? The following must not be ignored.

What are the dangers of dysmenorrhea in women? Female dysmenorrhea is not only uncomfortable, but also causes irregular menstruation. As we all know, menstruation is a discharge of blood. Irregular menstruation for a long time can easily lead to excessive accumulation of toxins in the body, and its aging age is earlier than that of normal women! It is also easy to form color spots, yellow complexion and other phenomena, which are the most common harm caused by dysmenorrhea.

according to the research, women's dysmenorrhea also has a certain close relationship with pregnancy. Women who often suffer from dysmenorrhea must suffer from uterine cold, while women who suffer from uterine cold are not easy to conceive, which requires women who suffer from uterine cold to adjust their body as early as possible to avoid infertility caused by uterine cold and affect the harmony between husband and wife! Therefore, women's dysmenorrhea can not be ignored. They should be recuperated as early as possible to alleviate the pain and avoid the serious consequences caused by dysmenorrhea.