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How is the game excessive produce hallucination to return a responsibility? Are all the children lik

'Xiao Lin is missing! 'the news, like a bolt from the blue, exploded in the small Aodi village. These days, the villagers, whether or not related to the Lin family, have put down their work and helped find people. Police and private rescue teams were also involved, but Xiao Lin's whereabouts are still unknown. How is the game excessive produce hallucination to return a responsibility? Netizens have said that now the children are like this?

At about 12:30 the day before yesterday, Mr. tanggelin received a call from the police station saying that the man had been found. He arrived at the scene as soon as possible. 'at my first sight, he said don't get close. He was very nervous. 'cousin recalled that when his father arrived, Xiao Lin's tense nerves slowly slowed down. 'when he was in a little stable mood, I asked him how he came to the mountain these days. He said he ate some wild fruits and drank some mud water if he was thirsty. '

As for why he had to run away from home, cousin thought it was probably Xiao Lin's' excessive play and hallucination '. 'I asked him why he was running away from home, and he said he saw people shot all over the mountains. 'in the process of communication with my cousin, he found that he could never go out of the chasing link in his mind.

It is reported that Xiao Lin, 20, was in a good mood the night before he left home (November 12). He also had a few drinks with his relatives that night. After returning home, he said he was a little dizzy and went to sleep first. Later, Lin Fu went out for a while. When he came back, he asked his wife: where is the son? Wife a: I don't know. At first, the couple didn't feel anything, but after three or four days of searching, they faintly felt something was wrong, so they called the police.

Qian Bao's reporter learned in the interview that Xiao Lin is the only child in his family. His parents are more doting on him. They usually don't communicate with the outside world much and often indulge in their own game world.

Before this happened, the family knew that Xiao Lin liked to play games, but they didn't know that he was so addicted.

According to people close to Xiao Lin, Xiao Lin has six mobile phones and a laptop computer with several violent games on it. He left home this time without a cell phone.

Nearly 10% of China's teenagers are over dependent on the Internet

Lu Lin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and President of No.6 Hospital of Peking University, said that Internet addiction is a common mental health problem among Chinese teenagers. According to statistics, the incidence rate of over dependent Internet is 6% among young people worldwide, and China is close to 10%.

Excessive dependence on the Internet has a huge impact on the study and life of teenagers. According to a survey report, China's teenagers aged 13 to 17 have the highest proportion of Internet addiction among Internet users, and the Internet addiction rate of college students is more than 9%.

Many parents have no choice but to send their children to Internet addiction prevention institutions. He Rihui is particularly opposed to this. He said that since the World Health Organization put Internet addiction into the category of mental illness, strictly speaking, only medical institutions are qualified to help children get rid of Internet addiction. On the other hand, in today's society, various Internet addiction prevention institutions are mixed, and many institutions use violent means to let children yield Through behavior correction, children will choose Obedience Under violence and fear, but it is not fundamentally solved, and even cause secondary injury, trauma sequelae, etc. He suggested that parents should choose regular medical institutions for their children to receive standard treatment.