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Another new Huawei machine is suspected to be Nova 4 official! Pole full screen will be released in

Yesterday's latest news said that the posters suspected of Huawei's Nova 4 preheating were exposed, and another new Huawei machine suspected of Nova 4 official publicity! The pole full screen will be released in December. Are you looking forward to it?

The official Weibo of Huawei terminal only revealed a poster picture with the text "draw a key point, see you in December", which model is not indicated. However, according to previous reports, it may be Huawei Nova 4. According to the posters, it is possible that Nova 4 is equipped with a beauty point screen design similar to Huawei mate 20. According to the positioning of Huawei Nova series, the in screen camera technology is unlikely to appear on this mobile phone, with no exception.

Compared with their own p series and mate series, Nova is relatively 'Young', focusing on the young and female market.

The Nova 2S was released in December last year. On July 18 this year, Huawei officially released a new Huawei Nova 3 mobile phone in Shenzhen, which is equipped with Kirin 970 processor. According to the update frequency of half a year, Huawei will release the Nova 4 mobile phone in December this year, and it is likely to carry the Kirin 980 processor.

At present, the official did not disclose any information about the naming and configuration of the new machine.