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What should women pay attention to after caesarean section? Three precautions

it can be said that women's childbirth is a necessary step in life. They all say that women are complete women only if they have had children! Many netizens, including some male friends, are lamenting that women are really great. It's amazing that women can have children! It's really not easy for women to give birth, and their vitality is greatly damaged. Therefore, during the postpartum period, women should pay attention to recuperation. Then, what should women pay attention to after cesarean section? Let's have a look with friends in need.

What should women pay attention to after caesarean section?

First of all: wear large underwear

Just after the birth of a woman, there is a certain depth of wound on her belly, so in this very stage, we should pay attention to the selection of appropriate underwear, loose large underwear can reduce the touch wound, avoid unnecessary pain!

Second: pay attention to protect the wound

Many people who know about caesarean section know that a woman's caesarean section has eight layers on her belly, and eight layers are sewn. Although they have been sewn after the birth, they still need to pay attention to protecting the wound to avoid infection. It's their own pain! Is usually in the cough or laugh when you should pay attention to the hands against your stomach, so that your pain will be reduced!

Last but not least, relax your mind

In medicine, after a woman gives birth, her husband or family members are too happy with the arrival of a new life, which may lead to postpartum depression. And women are too nervous when they are about to give birth, so at this time, they should not only take care of their bodies, but also adjust their mentality!