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How long do you usually rinse hot pot tripe in winter? How to cook tripe at home

Hot pot is one of the most popular food in winter. A large group of people are surrounded by hot pot, which is not only lively but also warm. When eating hot pot, is it necessary to order some food? Then how long can you eat hot pot?

How long does the tripe last

Processing technology of tripe (tripe): first clean 100 Jin of tripe. Add 1-1.6 Jin of phosphorus rich combination (intestines and stomach water hairdressing) to 100 Jin of 40 ℃ warm water, stir and dissolve, then add in beef louver, marinate for 30-50 minutes at a still temperature. Then put the marinade and tripe into the pot and cook until they are seven ripe. Turn off the heat and keep it cool for 2-5 hours. Then you can get out of the pot and put in cold water.

How long does it take to have hot pot stewed tripe

Fresh tripe doesn't need hair. What you may say is that tripe can't be eaten. Tripe is made of caustic soda. It looks like meat is thick and fresh. When it's scalded, it will be several times smaller. If it's boiled for a few minutes, it won't work. Light, eat your stomach will swell ulcer, serious eat stomach cancer. It is recommended to eat hotpot instead of delivery. I'm a hotpot maker. It's easy to talk about it.

How to cook tripe

Material Science

Marinade: onion, ginger, star anise, pepper, grass fruit, clove, soy sauce, soy sauce, dried pepper, sugar, cooking wine, water.


1. Wash the tripe and scald it in boiling water. Remove and drain.

2. Put all the marinated materials into the pot, boil over high heat, turn to low heat and cook for 15 minutes to release the flavor.

3. Marinate the tripe for 15 minutes and turn off the heat. Let the tripe soak in the marinated soup. Take out the shredded plate when eating.


The most important thing to eat hot pot is to cook it thoroughly. Only when it is safe can it taste delicious. Duck intestines can be boiled for a few seconds, and meat slices can be eaten as soon as they float up & hellip; & hellip; tastes fresh and tender, but if they are not cooked, there is a risk of parasite or bacterial pollution.

In fact, different cuts of meat have different thicknesses, different meatballs have different sizes, and the cooking time is different. It is almost impossible to have a common 'secret collection'.

To judge whether the food is ripe or not, the meat should wait for complete discoloration and not be eaten after 'blood and water' flowing. Wash the non discolored ingredients for a while, until they are safe and cooked completely.