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Xiaomi aiot developer conference will be held on November 28, Lei Jun will send an invitation to the

Xiaomi announced that it will hold the Xiaomi aiot developer conference next week (November 28). According to the information released by Xiaomi official today, Lei Jun will attend the Xiaomi aiot developer conference to explain the strategic layout of the two future core businesses of Xiaomi AI and IOT. Are you looking forward to it? Come and have a look.

According to the latest financial report, Xiaomi's global leading advantage in the field of 'AI + IOT' continues to expand. As of the third quarter of 2018, the number of Xiaomi IOT consumer Internet of things connected devices has reached 132 million (excluding mobile phones, tablets and laptops), and the monthly active users of AI intelligent voice assistant Xiaoai schoolmate have exceeded 34 million. Xiaomi launched a comprehensive AI enabling strategy, which led IOT and consumer goods business to continue to make rapid progress in the past year. In the third quarter, the business revenue reached RMB 10.805 billion, an increase of 89.8% year on year. At the same time, the total revenue of the first three quarters of the business reached 28.8 billion yuan, which exceeded the annual revenue of the business last year.

The concept of 'AI + IOT' intelligent interconnection of all things was first proposed by Lei Jun, which includes Xiaomi's emphasis on artificial intelligence and his judgment on his own advantages. At the 2018 Shanghai World Artificial Intelligence Conference, Lei Jun made a bold judgment that human beings have entered a new era of artificial intelligence, many AI products have been integrated into people's daily life, AI and IOT have combined to form the aiot, that is, the intelligent interconnection of all things.

Lei Jun said that alphago defeated the top players of go in 2016, which was a milestone in the history of artificial intelligence. This event shows that the technology of artificial intelligence has undergone great subversion and breakthrough. Since then, AI has become the core strategy of the world's major technology giants, with thousands of start-ups springing up. Xiaomi has also listed AI as the core strategy of the future.

'Xiaomi's breakthrough is IOT. Lei believes that Xiaomi has great advantages in developing artificial intelligence, including a large user base, massive equipment and data, rich application scenarios, and the layout of big data and cloud computing which has been started for a long time. The most important advantage is to build the world's largest IOT consumer Internet of things.

As early as 2013, Xiaomi began to invest in and incubate ecological chain enterprises. Lei Jun once said Xiaomi ecological chain is a great opportunity to capture the interconnection of all things. In the past five years, Xiaomi has invested in and incubated 220 eco chain enterprises, more than 100 of which focus on intelligent hardware and consumer goods. Xiaomi and Xiaomi ecological chain enterprises have created many of the world's first intelligent equipment, such as Xiaomi bracelet, air purifier, balance car, etc. Xiaomi is recognized as a pioneer and catalyst in the "Ai + IOT" industry.

At present, the IOT platform and IOT intelligent hardware fully enabled by AI have become a new engine for Xiaomi's growth. At the same time, Xiaomi's IOT equipment, Xiaomi TV, after five years of development, has become the number one TV industry in China, and has begun to actively go overseas. According to the latest financial report, in the third quarter of 2018, Xiaomi smart TV grew by 198.5% year-on-year. The cumulative shipment volume in the first three quarters reached 5.2 million units, becoming the first in China's market since April, and breaking through the monthly delivery volume of 1 million units in October.

It is worth mentioning that 'AI + IOT' not only brings the growth of sales revenue, but also becomes a major source of Xiaomi's Internet traffic, making Xiaomi's Internet cash flow business more diversified. For example, the monthly active users of Xiaomi smart TV and box have reached 15.9 million, and they have contributed 5.4% of Xiaomi's Internet revenue just after they started to try to realize the traffic. Under the industry's support for AI, the future Internet liquidity information of Xiaomi IOT business will soar.

Industry insiders believe that Xiaomi's success in IOT equipment and platform business is ultimately the success of user experience improvement. "Users care about the integrity and unity of experience and the convenience and smoothness of every detail. Only when the experience they want is truly provided can the so-called platform really have value. '

It's not just Xiaomi's own IOT equipment business. Xiaomi's aiot has previously announced the opening of platform and enabling industry. Lei Jun said that the number of IOT devices will be an order of magnitude larger than that of mobile phones in the era of mobile Internet, which contains huge market opportunities. There are many connections between AI and IOT. It is believed that hundreds of billions of IOT devices will be equipped with AI intelligent conversation system in the future.

"Xiaomi knows that to do AI well, we need to cooperate with you in depth and work together. Lei Jun said Xiaomi will adhere to the strategy of comprehensive opening in the field of "Ai + IOT" and work with partners to promote the arrival of the era of intelligent interconnection of all things.

At this conference, Xiaomi will bring more complete IOT software and hardware integrated solutions, more abundant AI open ecology, and closer to life's global partners. Coming soon.