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What is the harm of pregnant woman anaemia? How to eat and replenish blood quickly for anemia of pre

during pregnancy, the baby needs to absorb nutrition from the mother. The main nutrition source of the fetus is from the mother. Therefore, anemia of the pregnant woman is more likely to lead to unhealthy growth of the fetus! Some of the hidden dangers of future birth. Let's learn more about the dangers of anemia in pregnant women?

What are the dangers of anemia in pregnant women? If the pregnant woman is anemic, the oxygen and nutrients obtained by the fetus are not so sufficient, so the baby is easy to suffer from poor physique, low weight, limited development and other problems after birth. In serious cases, there may be stillbirth. Therefore, during pregnancy, the pregnant woman should pay attention to the food match and prepare for life!

What are the symptoms of anemia in pregnant women? When squatting, you will feel dizzy when you stand up suddenly. Your eyes are dark, and your face is haggard. You are easy to get tired. You will have dizziness, tinnitus and other problems. Severe patients even have dyspnea, palpitation, chest pain and other symptoms, which lead to the decline of immunity, poor resistance and easy infection. Pregnant women with anemia symptoms, we should pay attention to conditioning, can not ignore, or the consequences will be unimaginable.