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How to maintain your car in winter? Some skills of car maintenance

in winter, due to the influence of bad weather, it is easy to cause uneven road surface, which makes many car lovers very distressed. Then, how to maintain the car in winter is better? Here are some tips for maintaining your car.

check the cooling system: in winter, the cooling system of the car must be checked regularly. If there is any damage or failure, it must be repaired or replaced in time. Antifreeze: check whether there is lack of liquid or deterioration from time to time. If necessary, supplement or replace it in time.

chassis: in winter, because of the weather, the car chassis often deals with rainwater, so it's easy to rust. Therefore, in winter, it's better to take some time to do a rust prevention care for the chassis. Tires: many things are easy to harden in winter, so are automobile tires. They will become relatively fragile in winter. Therefore, the tire pressure should not be too high or too low. It is also necessary to change the position of tires regularly to protect safety and reduce wear.