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What does a woman eat during her confinement to help nurse? A complete recipe for milking

Not girlish sex, after giving birth to a baby, there are some problems such as less milk and difficulty in feeding. What is the help of feeding during the period of a woman's confinement? Let's take a look at the complete recipe of the month's milk.

what can I eat during the month? 1、 Recommended recipe for baby feeding

1. Pig's hoof and herb soup

Ingredients: 2 pig's hooves, 6 grams of herbs, 3 pieces of scallion.

Method: Pig's hoof, herb and scallion are boiled together with water. Take it three times a day, three days in a row.

Efficacy: suitable for postpartum lack of milk.

2. Huanghua Tongcao pig liver soup

Ingredients: 30g cauliflower, 6G herb, 30g peanut and 200g pig liver.

Method: first, add water to boil the soup with cauliflower and herb, then take the juice from the dregs, and then put the peanuts and pig liver into the soup. Pot until the peanuts are cooked and rotten. One dose a day for three days.

Efficacy: suitable for postpartum milk less, soft breast, loss of appetite.

3. Black fish soup with herbs

Ingredients: 1 piece of black fish, 3 grams of herbs, proper amount of condiments such as onion, salt, yellow wine, etc.

Method: remove the scales and viscera of the black fish, wash it, add some green onion, salt, yellow wine and water to the whole grass, and stew it together.

Efficacy: clear away heat and dampness, dredge mammary gland, promote milk secretion and wound healing.

2、 The best way to promote milk

1. Sucking stimulation

If a lactating mother wants to produce more milk, the most important thing is to strengthen the sucking stimulation of the baby. The more times the sucking stimulation is, the more milk will be produced. Baby sucking can stimulate the breast nerve, thus promoting the brain response to produce more prolactin, which is conducive to the secretion of milk. So if you want to open the milk as soon as possible after childbirth, you need to let the baby suck more, even if there is no milk.

2, massage

Expose the nipple, massage evenly around the nipple, or gently massage the big or small thenar with the palm, and gently touch the breast wall. At the beginning of the second trimester, press 3 minutes once a day or the next day. If at the same time of massage, find a very blunt comb, comb from the root of the breast to the nipple like combing hair, it can effectively promote the blood circulation of the mother's breast, unblock the milk delivery pipeline, and make the breast secrete more milk.

3. Hot compress

Proper hot compress can improve the blood circulation of the breast, enhance the stimulation of the breast and the unobstructed milk delivery pipe, the intake and drainage of nutrients, and indirectly enhance the lactation function.

4. Strengthen nutrition and balanced diet

During the lactation period, the balanced intake of various nutrients, including sugar, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals and other five major nutrients. Baby growth and development need more nutrition, in the diet should pay special attention to calcium and iron supplement.

5. Pay attention to breast-feeding posture to avoid inflammation of the nipple

It is not caused by long sucking time, but by incorrect sucking posture.

6. Take the time to drink milk promoting soup

Generally on the third day after childbirth, a large amount of milk is secreted. Therefore, in the first few days after the baby is born, if the milk can be sucked frequently and effectively, then the mother can drink some milk soup properly. Mothers with strong body, good nutrition and more colostrum secretion can drink soup later and less. In addition, mothers who have a normal birth should not be eager to drink milk soup on the first day; those who have a cesarean section should be supplemented earlier.

What can you eat to milk for a month? It's also a very good way to milk through diet conditioning, which is more safe than medicine. Moreover, many milk ingredients contain rich nutrients, which can help the mother recover, and also satisfy the baby's growth and development through milk, which can be said to be more than one stroke. The above is the recipe of making baby milk for you, hoping to help the friends in need.