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Precautions and taboos for using gas water heater in winter

According to statistics, in recent years, due to the installation of gas water heater in the bathroom, carbon monoxide poisoning occurs frequently in the bath. So we must pay attention to safety when using gas water heater. Small edition for you to summarize some taboos about the use of gas water heaters, let's take a look.

1、 To buy regular manufacturers, in line with national safety standards of water heaters.

Carefully select the gas water heater with low price. It is recommended to select the forced balanced water heater with high safety, and choose the product with 3C certification.

When purchasing, you should choose according to the type of gas in your home. Because gas water heater is produced according to the type of gas, it can be divided into gas type, natural gas type and other types. Do not buy gas type when using natural gas in your home. When you buy, you must ask for the invoice to protect your rights.

2、 Scientific installation is required.

It is strictly forbidden to seal gas facilities into the confined space. Professionals must be invited to install them in separate rooms. They cannot be installed in bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms and other places. They must install flue or forced smoke exhaust. The flue must have a 600 mm vertical rising section;

It is better to use galvanized pipe, aluminum plastic pipe, metal bellows and other hard pipes for connecting pipes.

3、 Pay attention to ventilation and check gas facilities frequently.

When using the water heater, the windows and exhaust fans must be opened to avoid injury accidents caused by lack of oxygen;

It is forbidden to use the water heater continuously for a long time to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and suffocation;

When the elderly or children use the gas water heater, they must be watched and reminded in time to prevent accidents;

After the gas water heater is used, the valve on the gas pipeline must be closed.

4、 The overdue water heater shall be scrapped in time.

The service life of artificial gas water heater (commodity life) is 6 years, and that of LPG and natural gas water heater (commodity life) is 8 years. If the water heater continues to be used, there will be hidden danger for gas accident.

After years of use, due to the influence of working environment, wear and aging of parts and components, the overall performance of the hot water appliance itself has declined, and it can not reach the original design standard, especially the damage of some main parts and components, which will inevitably affect its normal operation, and it is also easy to cause accidents such as air leakage or incomplete combustion, carbon monoxide in exhaust gas exceeding the standard, and endangering personal safety.