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Can the washing machine wash itself at home? Washing steps of washing machine

can the washing machine be cleaned at home? No matter the washing machine is frequently used or not used for a long time, it is easy to have a large number of bacteria and dirt in it, which is very harmful to human body, so how to clean the washing machine is better? What skills do you have to clean the washing machine at home? For your own health, regular cleaning is very necessary.

A good way to clean the washing machine

How to clean the washing machine? It's very simple to use the special detergent for washing machine. First, add the clear water to the high water level, run the machine for 5 minutes to fully dissolve the detergent. The heated drum washing machine can be heated to 40 ℃, turn off the power supply of the washing machine and soak for at least 1 hour, then clean the body according to the daily washing mode. After stopping, a large number of dirt fragments will be seen floating on the water surface 。 In this way, it is difficult to accumulate dirt in the machine after cleaning every other month. In addition, don't close the door of the washing machine after each time of washing, ventilate the machine to keep it dry, so as to prevent scale and mildew,

A good way to clean the washing machine

How to clean the washing machine, add a proper amount of bleaching agent, must choose chlorine containing bleaching agent. In 40 liters of water, add 300 ml of bleach. Adjust to high water level, add bleaching agent to mix evenly when water is full. The slowly initiated foam is caused by the dissolving of detergent in the inner barrel. After about 20 minutes, the bleach will wash the dirt off the back of the inner barrel. After mixing and dehydration, the bottom of the inner barrel of the washing machine will be left with dirt. It is necessary to put water again to completely drain the dirt.

Three tips for washing machine: use household white vinegar to clean the washing machine

How to clean the washing machine? Add clean water. The water is less than half of the washing barrel of the washing machine. Do not put any washing articles. Soak for 3 hours. Then start the washing switch and wash it several times. Then pour out half of the water. Add white vinegar (as much as possible). After one night's use, let out the washing water and clean it with clean water once. Open the cover to dry.

In addition, there is such a common phenomenon that many owners may dry the inner cylinder in varying degrees after washing clothes. Although it seems that the inner cylinder is clean, they think that the washing machine is clean without cleaning the washing machine. In fact, we can't see the deep washing machine has produced 'garbage', so it's inevitable that the washing machine will generate dirt after a long time, and timely cleaning the washing machine is particularly important.

Washing machine tips

1. The lower drain outlet must be higher than the drain pipe, and the water cannot be left in the drain pipe.

2. After washing the clothes, take them out and air them immediately. Don't be stuffy in them.

3. Store in a ventilated and dry place, avoid the toilet.

4. When not in use, take off the filter bag and air it outside, so that it is fully dry.

5. After washing the clothes, we must drain the water in the washing machine and open the cover to dry, so as to prevent the remaining water from forming a breeding ground for microorganisms in the machine.

6. After the washing machine with the top opening door has been used, the water inside the washing machine with the side opening door shall be wiped dry with a dry cloth. In addition, the washing machine with the side opening door shall also wipe the water embedded in the washer at the door to avoid the growth of mold.

7. It is better to wash the drain pipe with clean water after each use.

How to clean the inner barrel of washing machine

1. First, fill the laundry tank with water, and the water level reaches the highest level. (the roller washing machine adopts 40 degree heating function, the wave washing machine can pour hot water, and the dissolving effect will be better.)

2. Pour a whole bag of detergent into the detergent adding box.

3. Close the drain pipe to avoid overflow.

4. According to the washing procedure for 3-5 minutes, fully dissolve the cleaning agent in the inner cylinder.

5. Turn off the power supply, soak the water in the tank for 2-3 hours, and fully decompose the dirt and kill the bacteria.

6. According to the main washing mode of the washing machine, let the washing machine run again and clean the filter screen again. At this point, the descaling and cleaning are completed.

7. If there is too much dirt discharged, place an idle towel and operate it once according to the main washing mode of the washing machine

When many owners purchase washing machines, they will worry about the location of the washing machines. The sound of the washing machine is loud, and it is difficult to match our home decoration style. Therefore, it is better to place the washing machine in an inconspicuous location, which is suitable for the indoor space where the washing machine is stored: