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Huawei mobile phone ranking in November 2018! Comparison and evaluation of the latest Huawei mobile

with the frequent occurrence of mobile phones in the second half of the year, all major mobile phone manufacturers are striving for the final performance. Next, let's check the ranking of Huawei mobile phones in November, and compare the latest Huawei mobile phones.

Huawei glory 10 Youth Edition

On November 21, the glory 10 youth edition new product launch conference of "24 million AI self timer" was grandly opened in Beijing. As a new member of the glory 10 series, the glory 10 Youth Edition, with its gradual color trend design and 24 million AI selfies, has come out with strong performance, bringing a flagship level experience. On the same day of the conference, Zhu Zhengting, a new singer and actor with both beauty and strength, was present as the "Youth Ambassador of glory mobile phone" to help the glory 10 Youth Edition.

What are Huawei's products worth buying in November 2018? Huawei's product recommendation in November

Glory 10 Youth Edition adopts 6.21 inch pearl screen design, achieving 90% high screen share, breaking through the field of vision boundary; the slim body adopts 8-layer exquisite technology, and integrates two unique gradient color designs, gradual red and gradual blue, with light and shadow flowing and beautiful. 24 million AI high-definition selfie is used in front of the camera to overcome the shooting difficulties in backlight, dark light selfie and other scenes with F / 2.0 large aperture, screen intelligent fill light technology and AI algorithm. The selfie experience is comprehensive and advanced. It has passed the German Rhine TV low blue light technology certification and always takes care of eye health. At the same time, Kirin 710 chip with shoulder to shoulder flagship performance is equipped to match the frightening technology GPU turbo 2.0. The game experience is repeated Upgrade; with WLAN + intelligent dual channel, the network speed is advancing rapidly.

There are three versions of the new product released this time, of which the price of 4GB + 64GB is 1399 yuan, the price of 6GB + 64GB is 1699 yuan, and the price of 6GB + 128GB is 1899 yuan. Four colors are provided, including gradual red, gradual blue, lily of the valley white and illusory night black. At 10:08 on November 22, the new aircraft will be pre sold in vmall mall, Jingdong, tmall, Suning e-shopping, vipshop and Gome. At 10:08 on November 27, it will be officially sold on the above platforms.

Glory Magic 2

After the double 11,

What are Huawei's products worth buying in November 2018

Glory Magic 2 once again won the Jingdong mobile phone sales ranking in the third week of November, pushing other domestic mobile phones and international brand mobile phones. The reason why glory Magic 2 can still maintain a good sales status after the double 11 is related to the praise given by the user experience, and the continuous fermentation of word-of-mouth also brings more attention to glory Magic 2.

In Jingdong platform, the reputation of Magic 2 is up to 98%, and in tmall platform, it also has a high score of 4.8 points. In the user's evaluation, it can be seen that the user is full of love and affirmation for this future flagship. Among them, Qilin 980's AI experience, super wide angle AI three camera and butterfly five track sliding screen structure have become the top 3 most praised by the user.

Performance configuration edit

Proud Magic2 with full screen design, eight curved surfaces and full screen.

The glory Magic 2 features a pop-up module, a front camera, and a higher screen share on the front screen.

In terms of configuration, glory Magic 2 may be equipped with Hisilicon 980 processor and 6GB ram + 64GB ROM as standard. And integrated dual main camera design.

Glory Magic 2 will feature a 6.39-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2340 & times; 1080.

Huawei flat M5 Youth Edition

Starting from 1899 yuan, M5 Youth Edition will be officially launched on four e-commerce platforms, namely Huawei mall, tmall, Jingdong Mall, Suning e-commerce platform, offline top 200 customers and top 50 stores of experience store at 0:00 on the day of double 11. At the same time, the evaluation meeting announced that Huawei Changxiang tablet also launched its first sale from now on.

What are Huawei's products worth buying in November 2018

4 + 64 WiFi version, 1899 yuan

LTE version of 4 + 64, 2099 yuan

It will be officially launched on November 11.

In addition, on November 6, Huawei also released a 10.1-inch Huawei Changxiang tablet, 3 + 32 and 4 + 64 WiFi versions, and 3 + 32 / 4 + 64 LTE versions, starting at 1299 yuan.

For a long time, Huawei has always focused on consumers, deeply understanding and insight into the current needs of young Chinese for electronic equipment. The M5 youth version of Huawei's tablet brought to you this time cuts into the intelligent voice on the tablet with the advantage of HD large screen, and forms an intelligent speaker with HD display combining with the intelligent voice base, so as to integrate the audio-visual enjoyment and intelligent life, and meet the young people's pursuit of minimalism in life attitude. Huawei's strong technological innovation ability and the booming price of 1899 yuan have once again refreshed consumers' cognition of the traditional tablet, opened a different way of life for users, and delivered more imagination space and interest to people. At the same time, Huawei also announced the new generation of full screen notebook Huawei matebook 13, which not only has excellent performance, but also has technology support such as Huawei share 3.0 one touch transmission 'black technology'.