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Is morning brush tooth disgusting retch chronic pharyngitis? Analysis of the causes of retching afte

Brushing your teeth and washing your face is the first thing every day. Many people have tried to have nausea and retch when brushing their teeth. What is the cause? Why does brushing cause this problem? Let's find out whether it's the right way to brush your teeth or chronic pharyngitis?

What are the causes of nausea and retch

1. Pharyngeal reflex

Pharyngeal reflex is a physiological response innate to human beings, mainly to prevent foreign bodies from entering the body. When something irritates the throat, the pharyngeal reflex is triggered, often manifested as nausea, retching or even vomiting. Part of the morning nausea and retching caused by brushing teeth is one of the manifestations of pharyngeal reflex.

2. Chronic pharyngitis

Chronic pharyngitis patients may have nausea and retch symptoms when brushing teeth, mainly because the pharyngeal mucosa of patients is stimulated by inflammation for a long time, and the posterior pharyngeal wall often has a thicker secretion, so they are more likely to be stimulated when brushing teeth.

What to do with toothbrush nausea and retch

1. Always use the light salt water to wash your mouth in the morning and evening. When you wash your mouth, your head is also tilted back. When you open your mouth, you may have a cup of light salt water. It is mainly used to sterilize, clean and moisten your throat, improve the environment of your throat, and prevent bacterial infection. Persist for half a year, chronic pharyngitis can disappear in clinical symptoms.

2. If pharyngeal mucosa is congested and thickened, submucous connective tissue is proliferated, mucus gland is hypertrophied and secreted much, laser treatment can be tried. If symptoms are serious, laser treatment should be carried out in several times; silver nitrate, freezing or ion treatment can also be used. It can also spray the throat for atomization treatment.

3. On weekdays, drink warm boiled water to ensure that you don't stay up late, eat light food instead of fried, barbecued, spicy and stimulating food, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and eat more fruits rich in vitamins, such as kiwifruit, figs, etc., while watermelon is the best one among the fruits.

4. Often use compound borax solution, Furacilin Solution and 2% boric acid solution to rinse the mouth. When mouthwash, the head slightly tilts back, and the mouth opens to make "ah ah" sound, so that the mouthwash can clean the back wall of the pharynx. You can also often take some laryngeal tablets.