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Which is better for Huawei glory 10 Youth Edition or Huawei mate20? Detailed comparison and evaluati

Earlier, glory officially announced that glory 10 Youth Edition was officially released on November 21. Many friends of Huawei mobile phone fans should get to know the comparison report between Huawei glory 10 Youth Edition and Huawei mate20.

XDA said that Huawei's P smart 2019 will be equipped with Hisilicon 710 chip. The basic version will provide 3gb ram and 64GB Rom. the screen is a pearl screen (water drop screen) design, with a micro USB interface. It is expected to sell for about 199 euros (about 1600 yuan), and the listing time will be around January 2019. Considering this configuration and the design of the Pearl screen, we can basically confirm that this psmart 2019 is the modification of the glory 10 youth version, but the storage configuration is lower than the glory 10 youth version exposed by the Ministry of industry and information technology.

According to the information of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the screen size of glory 10 Youth Edition is 6.21 inches, and 4GB / 6GB ram optional specifications are provided. The front 24mp, rear 13mp + 2MP camera system has a battery capacity of 3320mah.

The design of the glory 10 Youth Edition has been officially exposed for a long time. We can see that the back of the glory 10 Youth Edition adopts a gradient design, and it is available in red, blue and black. As for the front, from the spy photos, it's confirmed that it's a water drop screen.

Huawei mate20 is a smartphone of Huawei. There are four kinds of color matching. Compared with competing products, Huawei mate20 has larger screen, but smaller mobile phone. Huawei mate20 series has several versions designed by Huawei mate20, Huawei mate20pro, Huawei mate20x, and Huawei mate20 Porsche. It is equipped with Qilin 980 processor, 2K screen, on-screen fingerprint identification and other functions.

Huawei mate20 will use 6.3-inch AMOLED display, Kirin 980 chip, 6gbram, 128gbrom, 4200mah battery, standard wireless charging, screen fingerprint and 4000W three shot. It can be concluded that mate20pro will use a 6.5-inch full screen! The estimated price is 5000 yuan;

The system is based on Android P, emui 9.0, and the screen adopts 6.3-inch AMOLED;