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What about a neck pillow? There's a magic way to treat neck rest

Most of the time, because everyone's sleeping posture is not correct, or the wind blows and the neck gets cold, it will make the neck feel very sore, which is easy to lead to falling pillow. So, what about falling pillow? There's a great way to treat neck restraints.

If we find a neck pillow when we get up, we should massage the neck, pinch or beat the sore place. There is a technique that is very effective for the neck pillow. Stick the palm to the place where you feel the pain. Take the place where the pain is low as the center of the circle. Circle the palm around the center of the circle. This kind of action lasts for about three minutes. It can not only relieve the neck pain, but also relax the muscles of the neck. It is very effective for the treatment of the pillow.

After massaging the neck, although the pain in the neck has been relieved, it has not been completely eliminated. At this time, neck movement can be carried out, that is, we often do the action of twisting the neck. First rotate the neck three times clockwise, and then rotate the neck three times anticlockwise. In the process of rotation, we should press the sore part tightly with the palm of our hand, and rotate the neck At the end of the movement, press the palm on the neck for about 20 seconds.

If you still feel sore neck after these two procedures, you can turn the hair dryer to the hot air and gently blow the place where you feel sore. Remember to turn the hair dryer to the mode with low wind speed, so that the continuous blowing for about five minutes can promote the blood circulation of the sore neck area and relax the muscles. If it's an old person, it's not recommended to use a hair dryer. You can attach a hot towel to the sore neck, which can have the same effect.