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Is cold hands and feet sick in winter? Cold hands and feet are the most effective way to regulate

Is cold hands and feet a disease? For most people, cold hands and feet is not a disease! Especially for girls, in winter, the temperature of hands and feet immediately drops below zero, and they must be covered for a while before they get hot. It's really painful. How to adjust the cold hands and feet correctly?

The heat of the human body needs to be transmitted by blood. When the weather gets cold, in order to protect the internal organs from freezing, the body will close the capillaries and let more blood flow to the heart, lungs and other important organs. In this way, the blood flow to the limbs will be reduced, and the hands and feet will naturally feel cold. So cold hands and feet is a manifestation of cold weather to protect the heart, not a disease.

How to handle cold hands and feet?

In the same environment, some people are more afraid of the cold, and are more likely to have cold hands and feet. So what should we do? Here are some tips for you.

1. Keep warm

Of course, keeping warm and cold is the first choice. People who are afraid of cold wear more and nothing. They should protect their hands and feet properly. They can often rub some grease. When they need to go out, they should wear gloves and thick cotton shoes. In general, they will feel warm when their feet are hot.

2. Eat more calories

People who are afraid of cold should eat more high calorie food. Digestion of food in the body will provide heat to the body, promote blood circulation, so it is easy to warm up and drink. You can also properly eat some foods that promote blood circulation, such as sesame and peanut, onion and pepper can also help the body generate heat and promote blood circulation.

3. Proper exercise

Proper exercise can improve the cold symptoms of hands and feet. Exercise can promote the blood circulation of the human body. Of course, the exercise in autumn and winter should not be intense. You can do all-round exercise through walking, jogging, stair climbing, fitness dancing, etc. to strengthen your body and help you resist the cold at the same time.

4. Massage acupoints

Rubbing Yongquan acupoint can reduce the cold symptoms of hands and feet. Yongquan point is located in the center of the foot. Rub it quickly with the palm of your hand until you feel hot. Rub Yongquan point 100 times in the morning and evening every day, and then rub each toe 100 times, which can effectively improve the cold of your hands and feet.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the foot of the human body is concentrated in many meridians, which is closely related to the viscera, tissues and organs of the whole body.