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What's the special meaning of Chinese chopsticks? What is the meaning of chopsticks

In fact, chopsticks are not only the food tool for our daily meals, but also the carrier of Chinese civilization. It is difficult for foreigners to understand the special feelings of Chinese people for chopsticks.

Chopsticks are commonly used food tools in China, usually made of bamboo, wood, bone, porcelain, ivory, metal, plastic and other materials. It is one of the commonly used tableware in the world and one of the symbols of Chinese food culture. It was invented in China and then spread to Korean Peninsula, Japan, Vietnam and other Chinese cultural circles.

What is the real Chinese chopsticks!

First of all, chopsticks are round at one end and square at the other. The circle symbolizes the sky. This is the Chinese understanding of the basic principles of the world;

Secondly, when holding chopsticks, the thumb index finger is on the top, the ring finger little finger is on the bottom, and the middle finger is in the middle, which is the image of heaven, earth and man. This is the Chinese understanding of the relationship between man and the world.

Yin Yang concept

Then, the Chinese abide by the concepts of Taiji and Yin and Yang.

Taiji is one, yin and yang are two;

It means that everything has two opposites.

The combination of yin and Yang also means a perfect result.

Chinese people pay attention to the unity of the two, for example, Eastern civilization and Western civilization all originate from myth. Later in the west, people and gods separated, doing things by science and living by religion. And everything in China is together: he Xiangu, tie Guai Li, LV Dongbin, Monkey King and Zhu Bajie are also human beings.

Chinese people's ideal and reality, soul and body are also integrated.

Therefore, it must be Chinese to call the waiter "take a pair of chopsticks" in the restaurant; if "take two chopsticks", it must be foreigners.

In the book of changes, there are eight trigrams in the Ming Dynasty: Qian, Kan, gen, Zhen, Xun, Li, Kun and Dui; in the dark, they are rest, life, injury, Du, Jing, death, Jing and Kai. Chopsticks have two is two, corresponding to the eight trigrams is' to 'trigram, is' mouth' meaning. Chopsticks are straight and long, corresponding to the "Xun" hexagram of gossip, which means "in".

When using chopsticks, one is active and the other is driven; the active is Yang and the driven is Yin, which is the image of Liangyi.

A pair of chopsticks is lying on the table, just like a pen is lying on the desk.

Standard length

The standard length of chopsticks is seven inches and six minutes, which means that people have seven emotions and six desires, to show that they are essentially different from animals.

Chopsticks also point, massage and Guasha role. When people used to travel in the Jianghu, as long as they had a pair of chopsticks, they could figure out what was wrong with them, even if they forgot to take them, broke a branch or reed, ground it on a stone, wash it in water, and use it.

When using chopsticks, there are also a lot of stresses. For example, you can only clip vegetables from top to bottom, which is called 'riding clip'. It is not allowed to turn the clip from bottom to top and call it 'lift car clip'.