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What is tiktok? Supreme is what? Everything can be supreme what do you mean

What is tiktok recently is that everything can be supreme. What kind of stem is it? What does that mean? Friends who love to shake their voices will come to tiktok to see.

Tiktok is supreme, a stem from tiktok, supreme itself is a tide card, meaning the highest and the supreme. Now, many of the videos are equipped with a supreme. It means that the earth is the ultimate trend.

Everything can be supreme, but in fact, some quieting users can make it a "tiktok" for a ridicule of this brand. Tiktok change rapidly, and do not know when to quickly start other elements, such as the previous' all the wicked '. For example, we learn cat calls,' little flowers' umbrellas fall in your home, 'what I have never loved you, I deceive myself. The heat of this kind of songs is basically phenomenal. After a while, the heat goes down.

The supreme brand was founded in Manhattan, New York in 1994 by James jebbia.

Although it has not been established for a long time, it is able to catch fire quickly, with its influence all over the world. And its price is expensive, widely favored by stars, and a large number of fashion loving young people, and can do in New York Street trend skateboard culture representative, which shows its step by step efforts.

Everything is super what do you mean?

Positive solution: Supreme [Su:? Pri: m (suprim), in fact, it means supremacy. This word is not super me. Please don't get it wrong!

On the tiktok, it means the anti trend. The big voice is loud enough to dance with the word "Wen", and Liu Neng, uncle tiktok, has not escaped the word. Supreme itself is a hot trend card.

Supreme is one of the most topical brands. In addition to the joint products that are scheduled every quarter, supreme's products are often designed with social headlines or political satire as the theme.

There are countless close partners with supreme all year round, and each partner is a leader in trend culture. For example, the branch that cooperated with neighborood of Shinsuke Takizawa in the early years caused a sensation in the whole trend culture circle. And Nike is a close partner, its line each time the product all creates the hot sale picture. Cross border cooperation with Colette is also to create the effect of unusual topics. There are many more.

The product of supreme box can be said to be one of the best-selling categories no matter how many products are produced. The box logo of supreme is the most popular.

It can be said that supreme is the epitome of the whole American street culture.