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The secret words of cosmetics, commonly known as collection, must be collected in the late stage of

You know a wave of super comprehensive cosmetics slang, Chen? For straight men, it's estimated that they are dizzy. Today's editor is going to popularize the slang and slang of different cosmetics for you. If you are a straight man with advanced cancer, remember to collect it.

Common name of single product:

Hand grenade --CPB essence fluid

V Face Essence -- CLARINS plastic compact essence

Water magnetic field -- Clinique moisturizing cream

Oil-free essence: Aesop oil free facial moisturizing essence

Pepper -- Barbie Brown deep cleansing and moisturizing granule

Genius butter -- Clinique excellent moisturizer

Red kidneys -- Shiseido red muscle essence cream

Gold double bottle -- CLARINS double extract and reactivating essence

Small bulb --SK2 muscle because of the ring of light, drill white essence.

Anti gravity essence -- the cream of Roe's flesh

Double star essence -- Clinique uniform, Zhuo Yan, light spot and double effect essence.

Orange essence Elizabeth Aden platinum essence skin essence

Powder glue -- Elizabeth Arden new generation capsule essence

Silver glue - Elizabeth Aden crystal bright color multi effect Night Essence

Gold glue -- Elizabeth Arden golden capsule essence

Common name of all kinds of water:

Fairy water --SK2 skin care essence

Pure water -- the mystery of sea blue

Healthy water -- aoerbin toner essence

Mushroom mushroom water -- Yuet wood's source Dr glossy ganoderma lucidum essence

Gold flowing water -- yinfusha gold flowing age coagulating and moisturizing skin lotion

Perilla water -- Daike Mint perilla high function make-up water

Astringent water -- Chengye doctor's oil control pore astringent makeup water

Pink water -- Lancome clear and soft skin water

Job's tears water

Precious Water Eau precise toner

Snow water -- snow skin essence make-up water

Small cucumber water -- Keyan's cucumber plant toner

Queen water - Euclid grape active essence toner

Rose water -- fraise Rose Moisturizing and moisturizing lotion

Yellow water -- charming poem mild toner

Orange water -- charming poetry Soothing Toner

Green water -- charming poem Balance Toner

Red water Shiseido red honeydew

All kinds of milk and cream are commonly known as:

Magic cream La Mer Essence Cream

Roe cream - ROPIN's roe essence cream

White bandage -- Helena revitalizing and soothing cream

Black bandage -- Helena's Night Cream

Totipotent milk Sisley all-purpose emulsion

Self disciplined milk - the ifrsa self circulation moisturizing emulsion series

Avocado milk -- de Ke butter fruit emulsion

Ginseng Cream -- snow show, nourishing, ginseng condensing, refreshing and repairing cream

Night cream - Guerlain Night Cream

More cream -- Lancome pure more cream

The common name of all kinds of 'bottles':

Large red bottle --SK2 myogenic Revitalizing Cream /Olay OLAY fresh-painted golden cream

Small red bottle --SK2 muscle repair essence

Small silver bottle --SK2 deep effect repairing liquid

Small powder bottle -- CPB new beauty oil

Green bottle -- Helena's freshman essence

Small black bottle -- Lancome essence muscle fluid

Small brown bottle -- Estee Lauder special moisturizing essence

Small purple bottle -- Daike moisturizing and beauty liquid

Small green bottle -- Helena green bottle essence

White bottle --Olay Pro-X pure white formula whitening fleck essence

Mask type commonly known as:

Former boyfriend mask --SK2 skin care mask

Drink it in a drained mask

Porcelain baby mask - Yuet wood source mineral mud Miracle Mask

Rain moistening mask - snowflake show and Moisturizing Night Repair Mask

Perfect mask: Silky lustre mask

Iron Man Mask - Estee Lauder intensive muscle repair mask

Lace mask - Givenchy Mo Zhen Zhen Lace Silk Mask

Trilogy mask --CPB skin key to focus on repairing muscle mask

White Clay Mask - Ke Yan's Amazon white mud Cleansing Mask

Sun protection is commonly known as:

Small blue bottle -- sun proof baby

Small gold bottle -- sunscreen

Small silver bottle -- anti sun water essence essence sunscreen lotion

White Lace: Sophie's Day moisturizing protective milk

Blue Lace - Sophie's Day moisturizing lotion

Blue floret -- sufina core beauty day time protective milk

White floret -- sufina core beauty whitening day time protective milk

🔺 brand nickname:

Wintersweet -- the mystery of sea blue

Lancome, a French flower


Poplar forest -- YSL

Grandma Xiang -- Chanel

Xiong Bao -- the name of love

Scissors - CPB

Hen --MUJI