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Is sufficient film desquamate effect good? How often is the foot film best used

A pair of white and tender feet is what all girls want, but because we wear shoes, walking posture and so on will make the foot skin very rough, so to have a pair of white and tender feet also needs to do a good job of care in advance. You might as well make a foot mask at home.

The principle of removing dead skin of foot membrane

The foot skin is thin and thin. The traditional way of protecting the foot with chemical components directly molting is very easy to cause the pores of the foot to be blocked and the 'Cup Set' which can't sweat and detoxify normally, so as to gain beauty and lose health at the same time. Through mild Chinese medicine ingredients to kill foot fungi, Shuluo Huoxue, deep care from the root of the skin, without any toxic side effects, make the foot skin healthy, delicate, like new life. In terms of ingredients, the foot film contains Salicylic acid, lactic acid, traditional Chinese medicine antibacterial and soothing agents and other composite ingredients, among which salicylic acid, lactic acid and fruit acid have the function of exfoliation, which can promote the foot skin keratinization and desquamation.

Salicylic acid has low cost and damages skin. It is used in general inferior cosmetics. It is easy to burn skin, very dangerous and has side effects. A good foot film is made of fruit acid, which has high cost but good effect. After 5-7 days of use, the skin on the sole of the foot peels off, giving the user the feeling of skin renewal and skin care. However, frequent artificial peeling will interfere with normal metabolism and lead to incomplete keratinization of skin cells, which will not damage the skin barrier membrane and affect his self-healing protection. But it's not a big problem to use it once or twice.

How often is the foot film used

Do the foot mask once a month at most, especially the one that will produce a large area of peeling. If you do it too often, it will damage our foot skin. The skin recovery cycle is 28 days, so it is generally recommended to do it once a month at most. But the moisturizing foot film can be made once every two weeks, or it can be selected according to its own situation. Usually more feet, more foot cream, can reduce the number of foot film.

Precautions for using foot film

1. Before using the foot film, you need to find out what kind of foot film you need.

If the feet are very dry and extremely short of water, then you need to choose the moisturizing foot film, which mainly focuses on the type of moisturizing and hydrating, to bring enough moisture to the feet. If the dead skin and calluses of both feet are more, then the cuticle removing foot film is needed. This type of foot film can effectively remove and abolish horniness, speed up the metabolism of both feet, and make the foot skin white again.

2. The number of times to remove the foot film

Moisturizing foot mask can be used once every two weeks, usually pay attention to the use of foot cream. However, the exfoliated foot film can be used at most once a month. Because the skin recovers 28 days as a cycle, if you exfoliate too often, it will damage the skin.

How to deal with the bad effect of foot film after using it once

There may be a fairies use a desquamate foot film, feel that the effect is not good. However, it can not be used continuously, and the foot film should be used again after one month interval. The skin with thin cuticle and ordinary skin type 1-2 can see the obvious effect. The thick calluses and thick cuticle can extend the use time to 60 minutes, and the effect can be seen by applying it again one month later.