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What is the white matter when cooking red dates? Is it harmful to human body

Jujube has the reputation of "natural vitamin pill", which has the effect of Nourishing Yin, nourishing yang and nourishing blood. But we often find a phenomenon in the process of cooking jujube: there are many white substances on the inner wall of the pot or on the water surface. What is the white matter when cooking red dates? Is it harmful to human body?

There are many kinds of guesses on the Internet about the white substance after the red thorn cooking, some say it's paraffin, some say it's dust, and some netizens say that the white substance will also appear after cooking the red dates produced by themselves, saying it's definitely not wax, but organic compounds.

A special experiment was carried out by someone with a heart. Three kinds of red jujubes were purchased through dry stores and supermarkets. The price of No. 1 red jujube is 10 yuan a Jin, and the place of origin is Cangzhou, Hebei Province; the price of No. 2 red jujube is 25 yuan a Jin, and the place of origin is Ruoqiang County, Xinjiang province. No. 3 red jujube is produced in Aksu, Xinjiang, with a price of 45 yuan per Jin. Its size is obviously larger than the first two kinds, and its color is more bright.

After cleaning, three kinds of jujubes were put in a pot and boiled separately. After a few minutes, a stream of red jujube fragrance floated out, and the water slowly turned pale yellow. After boiling for three dates, the water in the red dates is boiling. The air in the red dates expands and spreads through the peel of the dates. It forms numerous vesicles. It looks like froth, but it doesn't produce much. With the spoon, the foam quickly disperses, and no "powder sensation". Then taste the third jujube. The sweetest.

Experts in the industry analyze the reasons for the white matter after the red dates are cooked:

Introduction of pharmacists in a Chinese medicine pharmacy of a city

It is normal to float a small amount of white foam in the red dates when the red dates are not washed away. Since jujube contains many kinds of bioactive substances, the white bubble after red dates is theoretically saponins, such as ginseng and yam, which are beneficial to human body. Red dates are also found in the Chinese cabbage. But if you find too much foam and smell in red dates, you should consider whether it contains preservative components.

A city food safety office, staff said

So far, I haven't received any similar complaints or heard about the waxing of jujube.

Technical staff of forestry and fruit station of agricultural and Economic Bureau of a city

Generally speaking, waxing of fresh fruit is common, such as sweet orange, apple, orange, etc., while dry fruit is rare. The origin of jujube is in the north, and the production is simple. It can be made directly by the sun. Of course, it is not possible to exclude illegal traders from adding chemical substances to the broken dates. The red dates will decompose and produce a lot of white bubbles during the process of cooking.

Let's see what the experts say:

A small amount of white foam is saponin, which is good for the body; a large amount of foam does not exclude the addition of chemicals.

When people buy red dates, how do they choose them? Four simple steps teach you how to choose red dates:

1. Look at the color, dark red and glossy red dates are generally very sweet, because the sun is very sufficient, the taste is very mellow.

2. According to the size and shape of the fruit grain, the jujube with large and even grains, few wrinkles on the surface and light traces is better. Generally, red jujubes with many wrinkles and deep traces are mostly made of poor meat and immature fresh jujubes.

3. Look at the two ends of the red jujube. If there are holes or brown or dark brown powder stuck on the end of the red jujube's stalk, it means that the red jujube has been eaten by insects. If you break off the red jujube, you can see insect excrement between the meat cores.

4. Pinch a handful of red jujube tightly with your hand. If you feel that the outer skin is very soft, but the inside flesh is very full, it is of good quality, which means that the quality is fine and tight, the body of the jujube is dry, and the core is small. If the hand feel is wet, soft and sticky, it means that the body of jujube is damp, not durable and easy to rot.