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It's crazy to inject 120 Jin of water into a live cow. It's so exciting to distinguish the water inj

In recent days, the media exposed a news report that the black heart workshop injected 120 Jin of water into the live cattle. In order to aggravate the cattle, the cattle were frantically injected with water before they were slaughtered, and the cattle were overwhelmed with tears and knelt down. This scene made countless netizens run for tears. The reason behind this is that a lot of illegal traders, in order to seek huge profits, replace inferior goods with good ones. A lot of water injected beef goes to the market. Do you know how to identify water injected beef?

How can I tell you the difference between watered beef and watered beef?

1. Observe with eyes

Observe the color of the muscles carefully. The normal meat is dark red, elastic and can return to its original state quickly after pressing, and there is no exudation of juice. The color of the water injected beef is white. In serious cases, it is white, moist, and the muscle fibers are swollen. If you press it with your hands, some juice will exude.

2. Touch by hand

There will be grease overflowing from the normal incision of the beef head. Stick your fingers to the incision of the meat. When you leave, there will be a certain sense of stickiness, which is oily and odorless. Because the water injected beef contains a lot of water, there will be blood flow out during the process of touching and pressing, without any sense of stickiness.

3. Test with absorbent paper

One is combustion test. Use clean absorbent paper to stick on the new cut of meat, and then remove it later. If the meat is normal, the absorbent paper can be completely removed, and there is oil on the paper, which can be ignited and completely burned; if the beef is injected with water, the absorbent paper cannot be completely removed, because there is water on the paper, which can not be ignited or can be ignited, which can not be completely burned.

Second, water absorption test. With a small piece of toilet paper pasted on the new cut of meat, the water absorption speed of the water injected meat is fast, the paper will be wet when touching the meat, while the normal meat will slowly penetrate.

The above is the method of identifying water injected beef summarized by Xiaobian for you. When you buy beef in the vegetable market, you must carefully select it, so that you will not be cheated by illegal vendors, and you must polish your eyes.