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What's the matter with the DG products off the shelves of e-commerce Tongtong? DG founder's speech i

Dujiabanna DG, in order to build momentum, recently released a special promotional film for the show called "eat with chopsticks", which was pointed out by netizens that the film intended to defame traditional Chinese culture. Today, many e-commerce platforms are also off the shelves of DG products, and the comments of DG founder insulted China are boycotted by the group!

Sales of relevant products of D G brand of all eight domestic e-commerce companies

As of 0:30 a.m. today, except for Amazon China, the eight most mainstream e-commerce platforms dealing with luxury business in China have successively removed all relevant products of Dolce Gabbana brand, including tmall, Jingdong and Suning e-shopping, three major e-commerce giants in China, as well as online koala, luxury e-commerce Temple library, vipshop, store 1 and overseas shopping platform Platforms such as Taiyang wharf.

This means that if the DG side does not actively deal with the incident properly, except for the official website of dugabana DG China, the brand's important e-commerce sales channels in China will be almost completely cut off in the future.

Search "Dolce Gabbana" and "Dolce Gabbana" brand keywords on Taobao app, there is no presentation of main products of relevant brands, only sporadic and less relevant products. In the tmall interface, there is no relevant product sales. On the other hand, searching on Taobao website will still display many DG products normally, but most of them are sold by individual shopkeepers. Some shops of tmall global said they would not sell any products of dg. In Taobao, some stores said that they were making statistics, and later they would take the products of DG off the shelves.

On the Siku app, which focuses on luxury sales, near 1 a.m., dujiabanna and Dolce Gabbana were still on their brand list, but they were later removed from the brand list, and no previous products were seen. Through the site search, except for displaying 4 products, there are no main products of the brand on sale. It is understood that the day before the humiliation of DG executives to China, there were more than 1000 products about dujiabanna on Siku app. In addition, users responded that the current status of several DG products they had previously collected is also displayed as' sold out '.

Amazon China website and Dolce Gabbana China official website still sell brand products normally

Search for 'Dolce Gabbana' and 'Dolce Gabbana' brand keywords on Amazon China, and there are more than 1000 related products. It can be said that among the mainstream e-commerce platforms, Amazon China may be the only platform that has not yet taken 'off the shelf' measures.

The operation of Dolce Gabbana China official website is still normal. In addition, on August 8, 2011, dolce Gabbana's official online flagship store was launched in China. Its online store is operated by Yoox group and supports local distribution, covering more than 100 cities and regions in China. At present, the sales of the platform also show normal. However, with the further warming up and fermentation of the humiliation incident, these platforms with "little traffic" may also become the only e-commerce channels for online sales in China in the future. If it competes with the current diversified online channels of luxury brands of the same level, its disadvantages can be seen.