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What preparations should be made before caesarean section? That's all common sense. Mom to be knows

For every expectant mother, is she looking forward to and panicking when she is about to give birth? On the one hand, she is eager to meet her baby, on the other hand, she is very afraid of the process of giving birth. What preparations should be made before caesarean birth? Let's get to know.

The procedure of cesarean section

There are some differences in the order of cesarean section in different hospitals. Generally follow the steps below:

1. Sign the operation consent according to the doctor's instructions

Although the name of cesarean section is well known to the public, it must be explained by the doctor before the operation. It is only used when the mother and fetus are in danger. If there is doubt and uneasiness, it is necessary to consult the doctor, and then sign the consent. According to the different hospitals, the signers are different, but most of the signers should be me and my husband.

2. Blood sampling, ECG and chest X-ray

In order to ensure the safety of the operation, a general examination should be carried out before cesarean section. Blood collection is to check whether the maternal anemia; check whether the liver function is normal; determine the maternal blood type; whether there are other blood diseases. ECG is to check whether pregnant women suffer from pregnancy and heart disease, which is not uncommon in clinic. The radiation of chest X-ray has an effect on the fetus in the early stage of pregnancy, but it has no effect on the fetus in the late stage of pregnancy, and the doctor will cover the pregnant woman's stomach with a radiation-proof cover.

3. Anesthesia before operation

According to the different situation of the parturient, the doctor will take the epidural and occasionally general anesthesia. Anesthesia is performed by a specialist anesthesiologist.

4. drops

Intravenous drip is a necessary procedure before operation, so as to avoid the coma caused by the sudden drop of blood sugar.

5. Insert catheter into urethra

After all the preparation before the operation, the mother will be sent to the operating room. You can't go to the toilet during the operation, so you need to insert a catheter.

6. Operation start


General knowledge of prenatal cesarean section

When there is something you don't understand, you must ask the doctor. Even if it's a small thing, you must eliminate your doubts. In this way, you can not only communicate with the doctor about your situation, but also stabilize your mood and accept the operation at ease.

During epidural anesthesia, it is necessary to communicate with the doctor in time that if the maternal body condition is all normal, only local anesthesia is needed. Local anesthesia can be divided into standard anesthesia and epidural anesthesia.

When you are under anesthesia, lie on your side and wrap your legs. The doctor will inject anesthetics into your waist. It hurts a lot when taking anesthetics. First, you will feel that the part where the needle is stabbed begins to lose feeling, and then your lower body slowly begins to lose feeling. But the puerpera's consciousness is still very clear at this time. She fully understands that she will have a cesarean section in her abdomen, and her hearing and taste are not lost in the process of cesarean section. After anesthesia, your mood may be affected, so don't let yourself hold your words in your heart, and communicate with doctors and nurses in time.