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Who do you want to send Thanksgiving Greetings to in 2018

Thanksgiving is a very important festival in western countries. Thank your parents and relatives. Who would you like to thank most? So what are the blessings of Thanksgiving? On this holiday, I would like to express my gratitude to my parents and family. 2018 Thanksgiving Greetings:

1. Thank my parents for helping to guide me to grow up healthily, support me to go through the green years, support me to complete my studies, and extend your warm hand when I am in difficulty. Happy holidays!

2. Love, into the mother's milk, nurturing my growth; love, from the mother's exhortation, training me to become a talent; love, overflow the mother's care, support my hard work. Love warms my whole life, I use my whole life to repay -- thank mother! Wish you a happy holiday!

3. The three most important things in life are: treat the world and life with a tolerant heart; create and change the world with a happy heart; feel the world and life with a grateful heart! Happy Thanksgiving!

4. Although your eyes are severe, they are more warm and respectful. Although you don't mean to show off freely, your eyes have been caring for me all the time. Thank you, father! Happy Thanksgiving! I've always been concerned. Thank you, father! Happy Thanksgiving!

5. The north wind blows in the snow, and gratitude makes people warm. When you are grateful, you should always remember that you can't forget the gratitude chart, and send greetings on Thanksgiving Day. I wish you a happy life and a happy new year.

6. Because of gratitude, I always care about you; because of gratitude, I often give you greetings; because of gratitude, I pray silently for you; because of gratitude, I send my sincere blessing: I wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

7. With a grateful heart and a grateful feeling in mind, you don't need to be bold, just a simple blessing message, quietly in this warm Festival, to your mobile phone, I sincerely wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

8. In the cold winter, you can freeze your hands, but you can't freeze each other's deep friendship. You are busy on weekdays and have no time to care for your friends. When the festival comes, take a message and wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

9. I want to thank you very much. I want to thank you very much. Many years ago, you lent me a dime. Today, I use this message to repay it. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

10. Always be grateful. Thank heaven and earth for giving me aura. Thank rain and dew for making me angry. Thank mountains and rivers for invigorating me. Thank friends for giving me warmth. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

11. Thanksgiving? Hey, wish you all the best. May you be safe every year. May you succeed everywhere. May every minute be happy. Happy Thanksgiving!

12. Because of the sun, all things on the earth grow freely. Because of the moon, the night is no longer dim. Because of the stars, the sky is no longer vast and open. Because of your company, I become happy.

13. Mom, today is Thanksgiving Day. I need to thank you most. Thank you for giving me life and teaching me to grow. I love you and wish you health and happiness forever!

14. Say thanks to my friends who have helped me and my loved ones. Thank you for coming into my life and making my life rich and beautiful. I wish I had a lifetime to bring you infinite happiness. Wish you health and happiness!

15. Mom and Dad, you know, my son is praying silently for you. I hope you feel happy as if you were young and happy without any troubles. When you think of me, you always smile and feel like sunshine every day. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

16. A flower has been picked for a long time and withered, and it is reluctant to lose it. An umbrella has been supported for a long time, the rain has stopped, and it can't remember to put it away. A road has been walking for a long time and it's dark, and it can't come to an end. A word has been thought for a long time, and it's nice to have you! Happy Thanksgiving!

17. Learn to be grateful, share the joy of every success with others, be grateful for your every effort, and appreciate the hands extended by others, so that we can no longer be cold in the cold winter.

18. Missing is a poem written in the deepest midnight. Gratitude is a song sung on the day when I miss most. You are the person I can't forget in my life. Thank you for appearing in my life. Happy Thanksgiving.

19. The stars thank the night sky for making him bright, the moon thank the sun for making him bright, I want to thank you for letting me know what is care, thank you for your true friend, happy Thanksgiving.

20. If life is a beautiful meeting, you are the one I most expect. If life is a wonderful performance, you are my best partner. Thank you and my friends. I sincerely wish you a happy Thanksgiving.

21. Life is like a riddle. Ups and downs will come at any time. Thank you for your concern and let me know how to be loved. In the turbulent times, I will be deeply grateful, and wish it the most beautiful flower in life, happy Thanksgiving.

22. All my life, all my plants, all my autumn, I am raised and worried about. Children travel thousands of miles, worry thousands of days. Thanksgiving is coming. Thank you for your parents' care. May your parents be in good health forever

23. When it rains, it's the sky's gratitude to the earth, the flower's thanks to the root. Thanksgiving is coming. I wish you a good mood every day. Your happiness is the gratitude for my blessing.

24. Thanksgiving Day, I wish you to be grateful with all your heart, willing to be grateful to each other, lucky to be grateful to each other, and to be grateful to all sides. I wish you health, happiness and all the best.

25. Give gifts with heart: filial piety to parents, sincere love to lovers, love to children, care to friends, comfort to life, dedication to career, enthusiasm to society, kindness to others, happiness to yourself!

26. Often go home to have a look and care for your parents; do more housework, hug your wife and smile; say hello to your friends, often contact your friendship prison; smile to your life, treat yourself well and let happiness surround you!

27. A friend is the jungle of life, the post station for the soul to rest, the house for collecting thoughts, and the luggage for saving feelings. No matter how much wind and rain there is on the way of life, a friend is like an umbrella and accompanies you all the way in the clear sky! May your sky be bluer and life be the most beautiful! Happy holidays!

28. Although there is an old saying "thank you very much", today I would like to say a special word & lsquo; thank you, mom and Dad! Although you are not easy to show, I know you have been concerned about me, you are always thinking about your children, dear mom and Dad, thank you! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

29. Love is like long flowing water, which is engraved in my heart. Adult road nagging more, years long white hair floating. Thanksgiving is coming. I send my mother duck down jacket. Wish mom warm and happy!

30. Mom and Dad, thank you for your tolerance and love for me. My son will cherish and love you. No matter whether he is rich or not in the future, my son will remember your kindness!