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How about Nubia z17? Is it really the best performance to start with

Is Nubian z17 a real incense machine? The 1699 yuan Xiaolong 835 is the lowest price in history. Many netizens have said they don't understand Nubia z17? Is it really the best performance to start with?

Has the price of z17 in Nubia been reduced?

Cost effective, 1799 yuan Xiaolong 835 + 6GB old flagship!

The z17 in Nubia has been reduced from 2699 to 1799. In terms of configuration, the z17 is equipped with snapdragon 835, 6 + 64g storage, NFC \ \ waterproof function, 2300W + 1200W dual camera, 1600W single camera and Dolby sound effect. At present, the price of Jingdong starts from 1799, and plus members reduce another 100.

Unfortunately, the non comprehensive screen design is adopted, but the configuration and workmanship of the old flagship is very good, which is a price-effective magic machine.

Nubia z17 parameter:

Launched in June last year, Nubia z17 uses a new generation of 5.5-inch 1080p frameless screen, equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 835 processor, 23 million pixels + 12 million pixels dual color camera at the back, 16 million pixels camera at the front, and 3200mah battery capacity.

Z17 is equipped with qc4 + fast charging technology and 3200mah high-density polymer fast charging cell. After charging for 25 minutes, you can get the electricity for a whole day. The charging speed is 20% higher than that of the previous generation. It has multiple temperature control protection and enhances the charging safety of mobile phones.

In terms of photographing, Nubia z17 has a 23 million pixel + 12 million pixel dual color camera, which supports f / 1.8 aperture, unit pixel area of 1.4 μ m, level 17 background virtualization adjustment, full pixel dual core focus and tenfold dynamic zoom.