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When does vivo play 7 leave? The latest forecast of time to market of vivo play 7

Many mobile phone control friends are ready for the upcoming vivoxplay 7. Many netizens are particularly concerned about when the vivoxplay 7 will be released? Let's take a look at vivo play 7's latest forecast on time to market!

From the outgoing rendering, the design of vivo xplay7 lift camera uses the off screen lens technology instead. The proportion of front display screen is quite amazing. In terms of configuration, it will be equipped with Xiaolong 8150. If there is no accident, it will support 5g, and the rear display will be vertically arranged for three shots.

According to the past mobile phone release experience of vivo, this vivo xplay 7 is likely to be released in December, so if you want to change your mobile phone, you can consider waiting.