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How to register for Taobao double 12 stores in 2018? Double 12 can register several babies at the sa

Whether it's the double 11 or the double 12, it's not just the buyers who are ready to go, many businesses are also preparing for the battle, and they are about to usher in the double 12 in 2018. The 2018 Taobao double 12 audition registration activity has started, and the businesses who want to participate have a look at it. How do Taobao double 12 businesses sign up in 2018? How many babies can double 12 sign up at the same time?

How to sign up for double 12?

Peripheral registration adopts reverse invitation system, and only after receiving the invitation can they participate in the registration. Taobao will invite qualified merchants to participate in the registration according to the dimension of shops and commodities, and the system will conduct real-time verification for invitation. If you haven't received the invitation for the time being, don't worry. Follow up with patience, as long as it meets the requirements, the invitation will continue. Until December 12, so you can provide the comprehensive strength of the store and wait for the invitation.

The above is how to sign up for Taobao double 12 in 2018. If you want to join, you must be prepared in advance. Don't miss the audition registration time.

How many babies can I sign up for double 12?

The sellers who are invited to sign up for double 12 periphery can sign up independently in a separate investment attraction entrance.

(1) Each seller has 2 opportunities to sign up for qualified products in the 'general sign up entry'.

(2) Qualification Award: if you are the following qualified businesses, you can additionally get the opportunity to choose the qualified products of the whole store to register in the field. See the table below for the specific qualification and the number of reward self registered products.

Multiple qualifications can be cumulatively added (for example, if it meets the requirements of global stores and gold sellers, it can obtain 12 additional entry places for independent outdoor products)

Warm tip: the seller in the main and sub venue can also sign up for the outfield, and the seller in reverse invitation and independent sign up entrance can check in the activities that I can sign up for on Taobao marketing platform.