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Can pregnant women eat bird's nest? What should pregnant women pay attention to when eating bird's n

Women's diet during pregnancy is very important, because it involves not only supplementing their own nutrition, but also all kinds of nutrients needed by the fetus. Now the living conditions are good, and the diet of pregnant women is more and more valued. Many netizens ask pregnant women can eat bird's nest? What should pregnant women pay attention to when eating bird's nest? Let's get to know.

Stewed bird's nest with papaya:

Materials: 50g of watercress, 1 papaya, 25g of rock sugar, 50g of tremella, 250cc of clear water;


1. Wash papaya, cut it horizontally with a slotted knife, and dig out the inside pulp and seeds for use.

2. Tremella, rock sugar, add water into the pot, cook until thick, beat the residue and leave the juice.

3. Add the bird's nest to the boiled tremella soup, mix well and then pour it into papaya, steam in the cage for 15 minutes, take it out and put it on the plate.

Ice flower sweet bird's Nest:

Materials: 40g dry yantiao, 300g ice sugar, 1400ml clear water;


1. Soak the bird's nest in a bowl after draining.

2. Steam the bird's nest for 15 minutes.

3. Boil 1400ml of water, add sugar and dissolve. In the meantime, we need to get rid of bubbles. Add the bird's nest.

4. When the sugar water in the bird's nest rolls, you can eat hot food or cold food after refrigeration.

Bird's nest and lotus seed soup:

Materials: 25g bird's nest ear, 120g fresh lily, 30g fresh lotus seed, 5g Chinese wolfberry, 100g ice sugar, three red dates and three cups of water.


1. Soak the bird's nest ears in water for 2 hours. Remove the stems and impurities and tear them into small pieces. Add 4 cups of water and steam for half an hour and take them out for standby.

2. Divide the fresh lily into petals, wash and remove the old one.

3. Put all the ingredients into the stew and steam for half an hour.

Stewed bird's nest with red dates and Lily

Materials: 1 bird's nest, 5 red dates, 10 dried lilies, proper amount of crystal sugar, 1 bowl of clear water.


1. Take one or two bird's nests and rinse the surface of the bird's nest with flowing water.

2. Put the swallows in a clean bowl, add water to the swallows, and soak for about 8 hours.

3. After the hair is soaked, use tweezers to pick out the fine feathers, and then carefully pour out the clear water. There are many nutrients in the water soaked in the bird's nest, so the first step is very important. Besides, the volume of the bird's nest can reach 6 to 8 times of the original volume after the hair is soaked.

4. Pour the cleaned bird's nest into a small bowl, add the washed red dates and dried lilies, pour the water into the bird's nest, and pour out the feather impurities underneath.

5. After the pot is boiled, put it into a small bowl and steam it with water. The bird's nest must be steamed with water. Besides, it can't be heated. Use medium heat.

6. After 30 minutes, you can turn off the fire by smelling the fragrance of protein. If you don't think it's sweet enough, you can add some icing sugar.

Golden melon and bird's nest Cup:

Materials: 1 bird's nest, right amount of pumpkin, right amount of crystal sugar, right amount of almond dew, right amount of purified water.


1. Take a bird's nest.

2. Soak the bird's nest in boiled or purified water for about 4 hours.

3. The hardness of swallow's horn is large, which can prolong the soaking time properly, and the blister will develop to the state of lamellar layer by layer.

4. Put a large bowl of clear water into the sieve and pick out the fluff and impurities with tweezers.

5. Rinse with water, there will be very small black fluff in the water.

6. Put the bird's nest into the stew cup, add a little pure water to the stew cup, whichever just overflows the bird's nest.

7. Close the lid of the stewing cup, add water into the pot to half the height of the stewing cup, select the bird's nest program, shorten the time to half an hour, and start.

8. After stewing, add ice sugar, dig the steamed pumpkin into a bowl, add some almond dew, mix in the bird's nest and serve.

Bird's nest coconut milk

Materials: Bird's nest 8g, sago 100g, coconut milk 1 bag, egg 1, ice sugar 1.


1. Soak the sago in hot water for 20 minutes, then pull it up, rinse it with cold water, drain the water, and set aside.

2. The bird's nest should be soaked in water for 4 hours in advance.

3. A bag of coconut milk.

4. In the pot, pour some water into the pot, add the borneol sugar, and pour the sago into the pot.

5. Then pour the bird's nest into the pot until it is transparent.

6. Then pour in coconut milk and put in an egg. Boil until it is rolled.

Stewed chicken soup with bird's Nest:

Materials: 600g chicken leg, 2 Dongyan, proper amount of water.


1. Prepare chicken leg and swallow.

2. Soak the swallow in water for 3 hours.

3. Put the drumsticks in the skillet.

4. Cover the pot and boil over high heat.

5. Blanch for a while and wash again.

6. Put it into the boiling pot again, add enough water at one time.

7. Put in the puffed swallow.

8. Cover the pot and boil over high heat.

9. Remove the cover and turn off the fire.

10. Pour the whole pot into the electric stew.

11. Cover the pot and power on.

12. Heat for about 2 hours.

13. Then power off.

14. Put it into a bowl and serve it.

How do pregnant women choose bird's nest?

Look: the middle of the bird's nest is a filiform structure, and the part of the swallow's horn is a sheet structure; the pure bird's nest is not completely transparent, but translucent, no matter when it is soaked or viewed under the light.

Smell: Bird's nest has unique fragrance, but no strong smell. Special smell, fishy or greasy taste is fake.

Touch: take a small piece of bird's nest and soak it in water. When it's soft, take the silk strip and pull it. If it's not elastic, it's a fake. If it's rubbed with fingers, it's also a fake. But there is no elasticity after full development. If there is good elasticity, it will be false.

Burn: Ignite the dry bird's nest with fire. There is sparks flying. This is the result of protein burning. The ash is black, not the white ash misled on the Internet.

What does pregnant woman eat bird's nest to notice?

1. The bird's nest needs to be cleaned. The best way is to soak it. After soaking for 1-2 hours, pour out the water. During this period, clean up the bird's feather and other sundries, and then soak it again. The water soaked in this time can be directly used for stewing in water.

2. If you need to use the bird's nest urgently, you can soak it in warm water and take it for half an hour.

3. There are some differences between bird's nest and red swallow. If it's a bird's nest, it's usually 6-8 hours. If it's a red swallow, it will take twice as long. In addition, it's also necessary to see the thickness, dry humidity and so on of the bird's nest.