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How does postpartum accept abdomen effect best? The first step to build a perfect figure after child

After her mother's hard work and smooth production, it's time to consider how to accept the abdomen. How can the effect be good after childbirth? If you don't accept the abdomen in time, the pelvis will become larger, and the fat on the stomach will also increase, which has no benefits to the body. Therefore, the primary work after childbirth is to do a good job of abdomen.

Pelvic belt should be used before abdominal retraction

No matter whether the mother gives birth naturally or by caesarean section, her pelvis will be widened due to the increase of hormone, so as to prepare for natural delivery. However, the study found that the female hormones had not decreased within 42 days after delivery, and the pelvis still had good plasticity. Therefore, in 42 days postpartum, timely application of appropriate external force on pelvis can effectively help pelvis to recover to prenatal state.

That is to say, unlike women's abdominal recovery, the pelvis can only recover effectively during this period of time in the month. Therefore, no matter the mother of natural delivery or caesarean section, after 2 or 3 days of postpartum, as long as she feels good about herself, she can start to use pelvic correction belt. The pelvic belt is different from the general abdominal band. It is used in a lower position. Its function is to moderately exert inward pressure on the pelvis and promote its recovery as soon as possible.

The time of postpartum abdominal retraction should be determined. 1. The abdominal retraction belt can be used only after the mother has a baby

Some mothers think that there is no wound in the abdomen after natural childbirth, so they can use the abdominal band immediately, in fact, it is not. After delivery, there are a lot of blood stasis, gas and other body fluids in the abdomen of the mother, which need to be removed from the body naturally through the circulation of the body. If the binding belt is used too early, it will only limit the blood circulation in the body, which is not conducive to the discharge of lochia, not conducive to the smooth breathing, and not conducive to organ recovery. In addition, early use of the abdominal band will also put the force on the pelvis, which may force the soft pelvis to expand, which is not conducive to the recovery of the pelvis.

Therefore, it is suggested that mothers who give birth naturally should start to use pelvic correction belt after the body recovers well after childbirth, and then use special abdominal band to help shape the body after 6 weeks of postpartum.

2. Use the special abdominal band immediately after caesarean section

The abdominal viscera after caesarean section is affected by invasive operation. The special abdominal band for caesarean section should be used immediately to fix the wound, promote wound healing and prevent visceral ptosis.

At this time, the nursing effect of the abdominal belt is greater than the body shaping effect. Therefore, when choosing the abdominal belt for caesarean section, mother should not only tighten the size, but also choose the special abdominal belt with good air permeability and comfortable wearing, which can be adjusted freely according to the position and recovery degree of the wound. At the same time, we can also use the pelvic correction belt synchronously to help the pelvis recover to the antepartum size as soon as possible.

No matter it's a normal birth or a Caesarean birth, the first time after 6 weeks to 6 months postpartum, it can be transferred to the enhanced abdominal band according to personal needs.

Note: Although the research literature suggests that there is no significant difference between exercise and abdominal belt in body shape recovery, the experience of gynecologists from clinical practice is more recommended to recover these muscles and bones through exercise and training.