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What's the reason Apple cut back on new iPhone production? Can't apple be sold any more

Apple has cut production orders for three new iPhones in recent weeks, according to a source quoted by the Wall Street Journal on Monday local time. Why does Apple cut production of new iPhones? Can't the apple sell?

It is reported that the market demand for new iPhones is lower than expected, and apple has launched a large number of iPhone models, which makes the number of related iPhone parts and finished products more unpredictable.

A few weeks ago, Apple's forecast that iPhone sales in the Christmas sales season fell short of market expectations not only shocked investors, but also prompted some suppliers to issue a warning pointing directly at weak sales of new iPhones.

In particular, sales expectations for the iPhone's XRS are questionable, the report said. That cuts Apple's plan to produce nearly 70 million finished products by February by a third.

Just last week, apple told its suppliers to reduce production plans for the iPhone's XRS again, the Wall Street Journal reported.

It is reported that Apple began to release the new iPhone XS and XS Max in September this year and the iPhone XR in October.

Apple has yet to respond to requests for comment on the news.