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How to clean the washing machine at home? Washing process of drum washing machine

When it comes to washing machines, it's one of the household appliances. Especially the drum washing machine, water-saving, high cleaning rate, small wear on clothes, but after a long time, it is easy to hide dirt and dirt, so how long is the best washing time for the drum washing machine?

1、 Drum internal cleaning

As the washing machine has been in the toilet with relatively sealed space, the ventilation is not good, and the mold inside the washing machine will exceed the standard. According to the calculation of the national authority, if the washing machine is not cleaned in three years, the number of bacteria will reach more than 700000. Therefore, it is responsible for the health of the family to clean the inside of the roller regularly.

Materials to be prepared: 1 towel, 200ml white vinegar, 50g baking soda

1. First, prepare a clean towel and pour 200ml white vinegar on it.

2. Put the towel into the washing machine, turn over the drying mode, and let the white vinegar on the towel fill the barrel. After a while, the dust inside the drum will be dissolved by the white vinegar.

3. Then put 50g of universal baking soda into the drum, turn on the washing mode, and adjust the water level to the highest level. After the washing machine is filled with water, let the washing machine run normally for 5 minutes, and then soak for two hours.

4. Finally, turn on the rinsing mode to rinse twice, so that the dirt in the washing machine drum can be removed.

Of course, for those washing machines that haven't been cleaned for more than two years, it's better to ask professional personnel for door-to-door disinfection and cleaning. The charge for door-to-door cleaning is about 150. Remember to ask brand after-sales for door-to-door cleaning. Despite the low price, there are quite a lot of holes in the door ads for cowhide moss. You can also choose the sterilization washing machine directly when you buy the washing machine, once and for all.

2、 Washing of washing box of washing machine

People who use the washing machine at home know that when washing clothes, the detergent is poured into the washing box, and then turn over the washing machine water to wash the detergent into the bucket. After a long time, the washing powder box will form a layer of yellow dirt. The cleaning method of the washing box is very simple.

Materials to prepare: baking soda or white vinegar, cleaning ball

1. Remove the washing box from the washing machine and put it into the basin.

2. Pour hot water into the basin, put 20g baking soda or 100ml white vinegar, soak overnight.

3. Put the cleaning box into clean water and clean it with the cleaning ball again. After drying, it can be reinstalled on the washing machine.

3、 Use the floating agent to clean the washing machine

How to clean the washing machine? When you take part in the proper amount of bleaching agent, you must choose the bleaching agent containing chlorine. In 40 liters of water, take part in 300 ml of bleach. Adjust to high water level, wait until the water is full, and then mix the bleach evenly. The bubble slowly initiated is the dissolution of residual detergent in the barrel. After about 20 minutes, the bleach will clean the dirt on the back of the inner barrel completely. After mixing and dehydration, the bottom of the inner barrel of the drum washing machine will retain dust, and water will be put again to completely discharge the dust.

4、 Use special detergent for washing machine to clean washing machine

How to clean the drum washing machine? The cleaning method of the drum washing machine using the special detergent for the drum washing machine is very simple. The maintenance telephone of Shenzhen washing machine first adds the clear water to the high water level, and the machine runs for 5 minutes to fully dissolve the detergent. The heated drum washing machine can be heated to 40 ℃, turn off the power supply of the drum washing machine and soak for at least 1 hour, and then clean the body according to the daily washing mode, and stop After that, a large number of dust debris will be seen floating on the water. In this way, it is difficult to accumulate the dust in the machine after cleaning every other month. In addition, don't close the door of the washing machine after each time of washing, ventilate the machine to keep dry, which can prevent scale and mildew.

5、 How often does the washing machine clean?

When the washing machine is used for more than half a year, the interlayer of the inner and outer cylinder of the washing machine will accumulate some dandruff, dirt and dirt, which will breed harmful bacteria. Cleaning clothes will cause 'secondary pollution'. Therefore, the washing machine should be cleaned every 2-3 months. Generally speaking, you can choose to buy a special washing machine detergent in the regular supermarket for regular cleaning. If you use it for a long time and need to clean it completely, you can contact the brand after-sales service, and some brands can provide professional cleaning.

It is recommended to clean the washing machine once every half a year. You can also ask professional after-sales service to clean and disinfect it every two years. In addition, hand washing is recommended for some intimate clothes. Don't feel that if the washing machine is clean, you can relax your vigilance to the bacteria in the washing machine. Once you suffer from gynecological diseases, it's too late to regret!