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What are the taboos of drinking tea in winter? Which tea is most suitable for drinking in winter

It is a very enjoyable thing to drink tea in winter. It not only warms up the body, but also cultivates the body. However, some taboos of drinking tea can not be ignored. What are the taboos of drinking tea in winter?

These five kinds of tea are best to drink in winter

1. Black tea: black tea is warm, which is more suitable for drinking in winter. Moreover, black tea can also relieve greasiness. If you eat more meat in winter, you can drink a cup of black tea. Especially in winter, it's easy to have cold hands and feet. After drinking black tea, your body will warm up.

2. Brown sugar ginger tea: black sugar ginger tea is recommended for girls with cold hands and feet. If you have great aunt's pain, you can also drink it! Brown sugar can replenish blood. Ginger is a warm thing. If you feel like catching a cold, drink it while it's hot and go to sleep immediately.

3. Pu'er tea: a kind of black tea, which can lose weight and belongs to semi fermented tea. Like black tea, it is a mild tea.

4. Red jujube tea: the red jujube which can replenish blood can improve immunity and prevent allergy. Five dates a day will keep you away from rhinitis.

5. Blood nourishing tea: it is made of red dates, longan, peanuts and wolfberry. It is very suitable for drinking in winter. And wolfberry kidney is also very suitable for winter, peanuts is a supplement to the best mineral East, often eat peanuts can be smart. These kinds of food are all blood tonic food, and boiling water together is especially blood tonic.

Drinking tea in winter can prevent acute gastroenteritis

Drinking tea can refresh your mind, invigorate your spirit and enhance your memory. Excite the central nervous system and increase the motor ability. Stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, help digestion, increase appetite and eliminate halitosis. Eliminate fatigue and promote metabolism.

Nine taboos of drinking tea in winter

1. Don't drink tea on an empty stomach: in winter, the regulating function of the intestine and stomach is much weaker than in summer. If you drink tea on an empty stomach again, the intestine and stomach will immediately cause reactions, increase their burden, and lead to gastrointestinal dysfunction.

2. Don't drink too hot tea: it's freezing. Everyone makes tea with boiling water. It's also wrong to do so. It will not only weaken the efficacy of tea itself, but also stimulate the stomach and oral mucosa, which is not good for the body.

3. Don't drink too strong tea: in the same way, strong tea contains a lot of theophylline and other substances, and caffeine makes people addicted and toxic, which will directly stimulate our body, causing weakness, indigestion and other symptoms.

4. Don't drink cold tea: cold tea is stagnant and gathers phlegm.

5. Avoid more brewing times: harmful trace elements in tea will be produced in the end.

6. Avoid brewing for too long: prevent oxidation and bacterial pollution.

7. Avoid drinking tea immediately after meals: tannins in tea will affect digestion.

8. Avoid taking medicine with tea: tannin in tea will affect the efficacy.

9. Avoid drinking tea placed for a long time: the tea will go bad for a long time.