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Can long-term floss tooth seam widen? What's the reason for the expansion of the crevices

Now people are pursuing white and tidy teeth, because now many social activities need a commercial smile, which will add points for themselves invisibly. But will the long-term use of floss make the gap wider? What are the consequences of long-term use of floss?

Why does the crevices get bigger and bigger? Will flossing cause the crevices to get bigger?

First of all, we need to understand why the gap between the teeth becomes larger. Apart from congenital factors, there are probably two reasons for the expansion of the gap. The first is the caries of the teeth, the space formed gradually. The second is the gingival atrophy caused by periodontal disease, and the teeth are exposed. Whether it's crevice caries or periodontal disease, in fact, it's caused by the fact that you usually don't pay attention to the health of your teeth and don't pay attention to the cleaning of your teeth.

Then let's wash our teeth, wash our teeth to understand that the calculus is removed, which can be said to better ensure periodontal health. When you wash your teeth, because the calculus is washed off, it may look like the gap is bigger than before. In fact, this is an illusion. If you experience the contrast, you will find that your gap is not bigger. After a period of cultivation, your gap may be smaller and your teeth will be more neat and tidy. The decisive factor in the gap between teeth is the gum, which means that your tooth structure is not adapted to be changed by some dental thread and external force of teeth.

If the structure of the teeth is so easy to change, the orthodontists don't have to work so hard to extract and wear braces. The main reason for the expansion of the crevices is actually the gingival atrophy caused by periodontal disease. Therefore, brushing can prevent periodontal disease, which also means that brushing can prevent the expansion of the crevices.

Dental floss is also the same effect. The use of dental floss can prevent dental caries and various periodontal diseases. In fact, this shows that tooth fairy and tooth washing do not want to lead to the expansion of the gap as expected. They also have various advantages in preventing the expansion of the gap.