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Thanksgiving speech in 2018

we should have a grateful heart in our life. Thanksgiving is coming soon. I have compiled some sample speeches on Thanksgiving in 2018. Let's be grateful together!

[Thanksgiving speech model 1]

Dear teachers and students

Hello everyone!

Today, I'm glad to have the opportunity to talk with you about the gratitude education that is advocated and widely concerned by people. What is gratitude education? What have we been touched by? There is an article in the Chinese monthly test paper of senior two, the title is "If today is the last day of my life", I think this topic is very good, so I made a survey in the class: If today is the last day of our life, what will you do? There are many answers to the question: some say we should have a good meal, some say we should have a good time, and some say we should do nothing & hellip; & hellip. At this time, I thought of a report I had seen before: a mother accompanied her son to take the college entrance examination, while his son took the exam in the classroom and his mother waited outside. Because the weather was too hot and the temperature was too high, soon the mother fell to the ground in heatstroke and was sent to the hospital by passers-by. In the hospital, the mother never woke up, leaving many doctors at a loss. Finally, a nurse came up with a good idea and whispered in her ear, "the college entrance examination is over.". Before she had finished speaking, the mother sat up and said loudly, "I have to ask my son how is the exam?"?! At this critical moment of life and death, the mother is still worried about her son who is taking the exam. What a great maternal love it is. She always put her son first, because she cares about her son and ignores all of her own, even her life. I believe that the parents of all the students will also pay for you in this situation, because you are her child. They love you, they care more about you than their lives.

But students, how many of you put parents first? Many students always complain that their parents are so bad, so wrong, picky about their parents' behaviors and practices, and even directly contradict their parents! Some students don't know their parents' physical health, don't remember their parents' birthdays, and some don't even know where their parents' work units are. Think about it, parents pay so much energy and hard work for you. Ask yourself, do you care about them? What have you done for your parents? If you haven't done anything, what's the reason to blame your parents? How dare you expect that you will treat your teachers and friends kindly if you treat your parents like this? How can you hope that you will shed your blood for him when the country is in trouble? If everyone is so selfish, where will the society have warmth? If we live in a world without warmth, what's the point of living? It's no use shouting slogans alone. We should love our parents with our practical actions! Students, I want to say that if today is the last day of my life, the first thing we have to do is to repay my parents and raise me! Give them a love of their own.

There is also a report that an illiterate mother worked most of her life and bought a pair of silver bracelets, which she cherished very much and was reluctant to take off all day long. Once she went to the city to see his son, who was studying in senior three. The son was surprised to find that the bracelet on his mother's hand was missing, so he asked where his mother's bracelet had gone. The mother smiled and took out a blue cloth bag and said: 'my mother used this pair of bracelets to exchange two' Heavenly books' for you. This time, my daughter had hope to go to university! Looking at his mother's smiling face, his son was surprised. How can there be a "God book" in the world that can guarantee his entrance to university? There are so many swindlers in the society, shouldn't they be cheated? Take the cloth bag and open it layer by layer. Sure enough, those two so-called "heavenly books" are just two primary school textbooks. In a hurry, the son is ready to tell the truth, hoping to find a liar to recover the loss. But when he saw his mother's wrinkles and hopeful eyes, his son gave up. He couldn't bear to tell his mother the cruel fact that the weak mother would not be able to bear such a fatal blow! Then he smiled and told his mother: 'Mom, go back, I'll write it down! Must have done well in the exam '! Looking at the thin back of his mother's gradual departure, his son cried and was very sad. When he went back, his son put the love filled 'Heavenly book' in the most prominent position to inspire himself. Half a year later, his son got unprecedented success in the college entrance examination. He was admitted to a key university in Beijing, and then he set foot on the right track of life.

Love is actually our side. We don't lack love. What we lack is the eyes to find it. Every morning when I open my eyes, I will be glad that today I am still alive, how wonderful it is to live. There are so many disasters and misfortunes in the world every day, but none of them fall on my head. I live happily. What is happiness? Thinking of so many refugees in Africa, I suddenly learned that it's actually a happiness to eat enough. Compared with the congenital disability or mental retardation, our parents give us healthy limbs and intelligent brain, which is also a kind of happiness. Those who are born with disabilities have not complained about the cruelty and unfairness of God, but are still striving for a better life. What reason can we complain about the nature and the people with healthy limbs and smart brains? I remember when I was in middle school, there was a US Iraq war and the bombing of the fry. Watching the ever-changing war situation in the TV news every day, I feel very lucky that I am in a strong China, not Iraq or the south alliance. Our country ensures that my life and property are not infringed by foreign enemies. I don't need to be on guard against missile attacks all day long. When I meet the people's police on the road, I feel particularly kind, because they have worked hard to maintain the stability and peace of the whole society, so that I don't have to worry about the wanton aggression of the gangsters. Work hard, students, for our country's more prosperity and prosperity, for our mother's strong and healthy, work hard! I believe that as long as we can do our best, even if we can't succeed, we will have no regrets!

[Thanksgiving speech model 2]

Teachers and students:

Hello everyone! The topic of my speech today is: learn to be grateful.

Gratitude, in fact, is everywhere. The reason I stand here is to be grateful. Thanks for the support and love of teachers and students, thanks for the opportunity given by the school, thanks for the training of mother, thanks for my own efforts. Thanks for that, I stand here today.

The mountain is grateful for its height; the sea is grateful for its vastness; and the sky is grateful for its bird's magnificence. Gratitude is a sincere and sincere expression of gratitude for the help of others, but gratitude does not stop there. When a person often says "gratitude", his life will be less complaint and more treasure; when a society often says "gratitude", his world will be less dispute and more harmony. Gratitude is a kind of attitude towards life: it's contentment, treasure and progress.

Religion is the most grateful. They thank God, thank God. Of course, we thank them a lot more than they do. From the baby's' whoa 'falling down to feeding us to grow up, parents spend a lot of effort and sweat, and weave many days and nights; from primary school to junior high school, and even university, how many teachers devote their efforts to us, silently dedicate light and heat, burn themselves, and light others.

So we thank our parents for their life and support, teachers for their knowledge and leading us to be "capital people", friends for making us feel the warmth of the world, opponents for making us keep forging ahead and working hard. And the heart of gratitude like a bright torch down. Xiao Bernard has such a maxim: "life is not a short candle, but a torch we hold temporarily. We must burn it very bright and bright, and then give it to the next generation. 'isn't that the expression of gratitude!

Thanks, let me know 'the hearts of parents are very expensive'; thanks, let me know 'the joy of inheriting the ancestors'; thanks, let me appreciate the charm of the sun; thanks, let me understand what is to be brave and brave; thanks, let me understand the voice of birds and the fragrance of flowers & hellip; the blue sky & hellip;

Thanks deeply, sincerely, thanks make me know so much,? Because of love, so moved; because moved, know how to be grateful. Dear students, have you ever been touched like this? If you have ever been touched by a smile, a look, a blessing, a word of exhortation, if you have ever been touched by a ray of sunshine, a green leaf, a dewdrop of dew, a clear spring, if you have ever been touched by the kneeling mother of suckling sheep, the back feeding of blackbirds, the falling of red flowers, the falling of leaves back to their roots & hellip; & hellip; then, let's close our hands, close our eyes, and pray sincerely to heaven. May all the people in the world Learn to be grateful!

Let the sense of gratitude be transmitted, and believe that our future will be brighter and the world will be better.

This is the end of my speech today. Thank you!