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The origin and origin of eating turkey in Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the most grand and grand festival in western countries. Have you ever eaten the turkey for Thanksgiving? The delicious roast turkey is a must-have Thanksgiving food for Americans and Canadians. Another few days is Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving Day means as much to Westerners as Spring Festival. Do you know the origin and origin of Thanksgiving Day? Turkey is the most common food in Thanksgiving Day. Do you like it?

Thanksgiving began in 1620. A group of Puritans who advocated reform in Britain withdrew from the country because their ideals and aspirations could not be realized and established their own Protestantism, which aroused the hatred of British politicians. These Puritans, unable to bear the persecution and discrimination of their rulers, fled to Holland first, and in early September they sailed across the ocean to prepare for exile in the United States. The ship drifted in the rough sea for 65 days, and finally reached the east coast of the United States in November, landing at the port of Providence in Rhode Island.

At that time, it was a desolate virgin land, with turkeys and other wild animals everywhere. It's a cold winter. When they come to a strange place, they are short of food and clothing. The bad environment is threatening their lives. At this time of life and death, the local Indians brought them food, supplies and tools of production, and helped them build their own new home.

After settling down in their new home, these Englishmen thanked the Indians who helped and supported them in time of crisis, as well as God's' gift 'to them. On the fourth Thursday of November, they made the turkey they hunted into delicious food, entertained the Indians and had a good time with them. The celebration lasted for three days. Since then, on the fourth Thursday of November every year, such celebrations will be held. In addition to entertaining the Indians to eat roast turkey, they will hold archery, running, wrestling and other sports competitions together. At night, they will also sing and dance around the bonfire and share joy.

Why Turkey?

There is a saying that at a harvest festival in the 16th century, Queen Elizabeth of England was eating roast goose. Then came the news that the Spanish Armada had sunk on its way to attack her beloved Britain, and the queen was so happy that she asked for another goose to celebrate the good news. So the goose became a bird of love in the British harvest season. When Puritans came to the United States from England, roast turkey became the main dish instead of roast goose, because Turkey in North America was more abundant and easier to find than goose. Therefore, in addition to ham, sweet potato, vegetables, raisin pudding, fruit cake and cocktails, Turkey is the most important meal in the year for Americans, which is Thanksgiving dinner. In a fast-paced and competitive country like the United States, the daily diet is extremely simple. But on Thanksgiving night, every family has a big feast, and the abundance of goods is amazing. At the festival table, from the president to the common people, Turkey and pumpkin pie are necessary. As a result, Thanksgiving is also known as' Turkey Day '.

Everyone agrees that the main course of Thanksgiving dinner must be roast turkey. No matter European or American, the only way to eat turkey is to smoke and bake it. It needs the whole turkey to be roasted, the chicken skin to be dark brown, and a lot of mixed food to be stuffed in the belly, such as broken bread. Bread is used as stuffing to absorb the delicious juice from it. The juice of Turkey will be used to make a thick meat sauce, accompanied by sweet red berry jam, as the seasoning of Turkey.