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Long term lipstick damage so many people are shocked after watching it

There is nothing that lipstick can't solve for girls. Lipstick is very important for women. A little lipstick before going out will make them enchanting and moving. But for people who often wear lipstick, the harm of lipstick can't be ignored!

harm of long-term lipstick

1. Sweet lipstick contains saccharin. If you wipe it too much, it has been proved that it will cause cancer.

2. The artificial pigment in lipstick may be transformed into mutagen and induce cancer under ultraviolet irradiation.

3. Preservative, antioxidant BHA, which has been proved to be a quasi carcinogen, such as Paraben, can cause breast cancer.

4. The main components of lipstick are lanolin, wax and dye. Because of the complex composition of lanolin, it is easy to cause allergic reactions, such as chapped and peeled lips, sometimes itching or slight pain.

5. Lanolin in lipstick has strong adsorption, which can adsorb dust, bacteria, virus and some heavy metal ions in the air on the lip mucosa. When people are drinking water and eating, they can bring lipstick and the above harmful substances into their mouths, so that they can directly enter the body and affect their health.

6. All the coal tar dyes used in lipstick are terrible carcinogens, and the content of this substance in lipstick has greatly exceeded the allowable content in food. After applying lipstick, when drinking tea, eating and talking, it is inevitable that lipstick will be licked out and enter the body unintentionally. Then these carcinogens will naturally enter the body, affecting human health.

7. According to relevant foreign data, 18.2% of the causes of cancer in young women are related to lipstick. Lipstick contains a high amount of lead, cadmium and other heavy metals, lead has a cumulative nature, long-term inhalation of human body will lead to chronic lead poisoning, resulting in anemia, abdominal pain, acute gastric failure, brain tonic neuropathy and other problems.