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Which is the best photo for iPhone Max or Huawei mate20pro? Parameter comparison and evaluation

At present, in the mobile phone industry, the stronger mobile phones belong to apple and Huawei. These two brands are the stronger ones in the mobile phone industry, but the price is quite different. Netizens are generally concerned about which photo is better between iPhone Max and Huawei mate20pro? Let's take a look at parameter comparison and evaluation.

Parameter comparison between iPhone Max and Huawei mate20pro

The most impressive part of Huawei's mate20 series is the new Leica three shot design on the back, which not only supports the AI portrait color retention function, but also greatly improves the night shot. At the same time, the front 3D bionic lens, with the help of Kirin 980 processor, gives the mobile phone powerful AI computing power, and also brings a very interesting experience.

It is worth mentioning that for many years, the photo taking ability of iPhone series mobile phones has been sought after by the public, which can be called the benchmark of mobile phone photo taking. However, with the continuous improvement of technology of domestic mobile phone manufacturers in recent years, the gap between iPhone and iPhone is becoming smaller and smaller, even surpassing the performance of iPhone.

The newly released Huawei mate 20 Pro mobile phone is such a product. At the new product launch on the 26th, Huawei officially released a lot of comparative data on photographing, saying that it has surpassed the performance of the iPhone XS Max in photographing, which is a great surprise, but is the actual experience really like this?

Which is better to take photos of iPhone Max or Huawei mate20pro

First of all, we can see from the camera configuration of HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro and iPhone XS Max. The former is equipped with the Leica three camera combination of 40 million wide-angle +2000 million super wide-angle +800 million zoom camera, which can realize the ability of super wide-angle and super macro shooting; while the iPhone XS Max is equipped with the dual camera of 12 million pixels. From the perspective of configuration, it is obvious that HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro is stronger.

Combined with Kirin 980 processor

The dual core NPU makes the camera of Huawei mate 20 Pro mobile phone also add AI technology. The original AI portrait color retention function can accurately identify and retain the color of people's clothing during shooting, and other object colors become black and white, making users easily take more innovative videos and photos.

At the same time, Huawei mate 20 Pro mobile phone also supports the AI intelligent scene recognition function, which can automatically switch the appropriate photographing scheme according to the photographing environment, greatly improving the user's photographing experience, which is not available for iPhone XS Max mobile phone, but the support of iPhone XS max for intelligent HDR also greatly improves the photographing level.

In addition, the iPhone XS Max also supports the function of animoji expression. It uses facial recognition sensor to detect the change of user's facial expression, and finally generates 3D animation expression, which also makes many users obsessed with it. On the new Huawei mate 20 pro, the new 3D bionic function brings a more powerful experience.

The 3D bionic function supported by Huawei mate 20 Pro not only enables the mobile phone to support 3D qmoji expression, but also supports 3D bionic imaging. Only through Huawei mate 20 Pro mobile phone, a 360 degree scanning and modeling of an object can be performed, which not only makes it present in the mobile screen, but also supports ar.

Only from the comparison of camera configuration and function, we can see that Huawei mate 20 Pro mobile phone is very material. First, we need to mention that Huawei mate 20 Pro supports large and wide-angle, so the shot sample has a wider field of vision. The figure below is the best proof. The iPhone XS Max can't do this, which is a big advantage of mate 20 pro.

Moreover, due to the support of macro shooting and AI intelligent scene recognition function, Huawei mate 20 Pro has a very high quality when shooting objects in close range.