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Is Olay bottle easy to use? Does Olay bottle need to avoid light?

For many girls with darker skin, do they like whitening products very much? Most whitening products are light proof. When exposed to sunlight, oxidation will make the skin darker, so does Olay white bottle need to be light proof?

Does Olay bottle need to avoid light

Need. The main ingredient of this Olay white bottle is Niacinamide, which has the strongest function. It can whiten, fade spots and remove acne marks, but it must be used in dark. It is recommended to apply a alcohol after Olay vial in the evening, then turn off the light and go to a good dream. Although the light is not sunlight when you turn on the light to play with your mobile phone, you should try not to touch it.

Can Olay small white bottle be used in the daytime

It's natural to use it, but if you use it in the daytime, you must do a good job of sunscreen, otherwise it will not have whitening effect, and the skin will be more dry in the daytime. You need to pay attention to moisturizing, so that Olay white bottle can play its due effect. If used during the day, try not to use it once a day at night. After all, the small white bottle is still very stimulating.

Precautions for using Olay small white bottle

Olay small white bottle contains a high content of Niacinamide, so it is better to use a small amount of niacinamide in the first contact or sensitive muscle, and then slowly increase the amount of niacinamide. At the beginning, it can be used in the back of ear experiment, or a small amount of Niacinamide can be used to strengthen the moisturizing and minimize the irritation to the skin. If there are formal clothes such as flushing and tingling, it is necessary to reduce the frequency and gradually establish the skin tolerance for reuse.