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Why do Cantonese like soup? Would you like to have soup before or after dinner

Chinese food is broad and profound, and soup is also more exquisite. People who have been to Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, will all see Cantonese drink a bowl of soup before eating? Do you know why Cantonese like to drink soup? Is it good before eating or after eating?

Why Cantonese like soup before meals

She Zhiqiang, a pharmacist at Guangdong Provincial Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, told the new express that the climate in Guangdong is hot and humid, which affects people's appetite and food absorption in Lingnan. And soup is the combination of nutrition and water, drink before meals, not only to supplement water, open the appetite, but also conducive to digestion and absorption. There is no question about when it originated. But as long as you live in Lingnan, you will fall in love with this habit.

Zhou Zheng, director of the spleen and stomach department of Dongguan Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, thinks that from a medical point of view, it is not good to drink soup before meals. Because the stomach acid is very high when people have an empty stomach. After drinking soup, the stomach acid is diluted, which is not conducive to digestion of food, so it will be better after eating. But people's adaptability is very strong. Cantonese people have kept the eating habit of drinking soup before meals since childhood, and their bodies have adapted to it, so they will feel very comfortable after eating soup. And if it is a foreigner who has not been in Guangdong for a long time and always drinks soup after dinner, he will not adapt to this habit. After drinking the soup, you will feel full and eat less.

Cantonese soup is suitable for people in this land

The reason why Cantonese want to drink soup before meals is that foreigners usually drink soup after meals. Of course, some respondents in Northern Shaanxi and other places said they were short of water and seldom drink soup. In addition, there are some differences between Guangdong soup and other local soup.

'the soup that outsiders drink is usually meat and bone. The ingredients are simple and the cooking time is short. They will eat up all the meat and soup. The soup in Guangdong usually contains some herbs, which have the effect of clearing away heat and removing dampness. It is rich in ingredients, and needs to be boiled for two or three hours. Besides, it mainly drinks soup instead of & lsquo; soup dregs & rsquo;. Zhou Zheng introduced that in fact, if the soup is cooked for a long time, the nutritional components of the ingredients will be lost, so the method of drinking soup for foreigners is more comprehensive. However, the soup made by Cantonese people has a long time, and its nutrient content is relatively high. In fact, it is more suitable for people living in this land with the effect of medicinal diet.

It's easy to get wet if you keep your eating habits at home

'after some foreigners come to Guangdong, they still keep their eating habits in their hometown. After a period of time, their bodies will lose appetite, get angry, get tired and so on. This is moisture. You can add some herbs to make soup. Zhou Zheng recommended four commonly used herbs: five finger peach, tuckahoe, lentil and job's tears. If the constitution is too hot, that is to say, it is easy to get angry, dry mouth and bitter mouth, like cold and other symptoms, Dendrobium and ophiopogon can be added again; if the constitution is too cold, that is, it is afraid of cold, it is easy to have cold hands and feet, like hot and other symptoms, it can be added with tangerine peel and ginger again.

Now the weather is very hot, she Zhiqiang suggests drinking the soup of clearing away heat and heat, especially the soup of melon, such as winter melon, loofah, water melon, cucumber, etc. Among them, duck soup with white gourd is a good seasonal soup. The method is also simple. The white gourd does not need to be peeled, washed and cut into large pieces. It can be boiled for two or three hours together with duck meat.

Soup before or after dinner

It's better to have soup before dinner or after dinner. If you are a fat person and need to drink soup to lose weight, it is better to put the soup before meals. As the saying goes: 'soup before dinner, slim and healthy'. Foreign studies have shown that eating soup before meals can reduce the food intake of about 15%, and some water in the stomach in advance, the food will expand in the stomach, and the feeling of fullness is not easy for people to eat too much. However, it should be noted that drinking soup before meals will dilute stomach acid and affect digestion. Some people with bad intestines and stomach should drink less soup before meals.