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How to apply for dog license in Hangzhou? Detailed process of online dog certificate

In Hangzhou, you can apply for a dog license through the Internet, so how to apply? How to deal with it? Please come with the editor to see how to deal with dog license in Hangzhou? Civilized dog keeping is the responsibility and obligation of every dog owner, which needs to be observed together.

Application materials 1. Immunity certificate

2. Front and back of ID card

3. residence booklet

4. Front photo of dog

Note: supplementary materials shall be submitted in case of inconsistency between dog breeding area and household register

Supplementary materials (one out of two)

1. Rental contract and landlord property certificate

2. self owned property certificate

Operation process

1. Download "intimate urban management" app

2. Enter the homepage of intimate urban management app for real name verification (upper right corner)

3. Click to enter the dog service page

4. Click the apply for dog license button to enter the service, and the specific page is as shown in the figure

5. Click start application to enter the dog license application process. First, you need to enter the number of the immunization certificate issued by the government designated immunization service point and verify it. If you do not verify or the verification fails, you cannot go to the next step, as shown in the figure below

6. The dog's immune information can be displayed after verification. At the bottom, you can see a hint: is the master information of immune dog consistent with that of the applicant? Here we have to choose according to the actual situation. In case of inconsistency, the reason for inconsistency must be indicated. If there is any problem with the application information, the application will not be accepted, as shown in the figure below

7. Next, we will enter the input page of personal information. At this time, you may find that some of the relevant information has been input, which we associate according to the immune certificate. When you find that the information is inconsistent, you can modify it. Note that the mobile phone number must be entered into the app personal information module for modification, as shown in the figure

8. After completing the relevant information, there will be a choice of delivery type. If it is not convenient for you to go to the window to pick up, you can choose express delivery. There are two options for express delivery: dog land and others as shown in the figure

You can choose at will. If you want to get it by yourself, you can go to the local window to get it. The relevant information will also be sent to your mobile phone by SMS.

9. After entering the information, you will enter the ID card verification page. In this step, you need to upload the ID card photo as shown in the figure, and then you can enter the next step, as shown in the figure

10. The next step is to enter the verification of account book or residence permit. You need to take photos and upload relevant certificates according to the actual situation, as shown in the figure below

11. Next, according to the consistency between the kennel and the address of the certificate, the relevant certificates will be supplemented and uploaded, as shown in the figure below

12. After the relevant materials are uploaded, click next to enter the last step, upload the dog photos. We will preliminarily identify the photos here. If the uploaded photos are fuzzy or not dog photos, they will not pass the verification. 13. After the verification, click submit to complete the application. Next, you can wait for the system's notice, or you can learn the progress in real time according to the mobile app processing progress. Note: the payment process must be completed within three days. If the payment period is exceeded, the function will be applied again. Two overdue applications will not be available within one month.