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How to use Alipay movie super value Movie card? Old Playboy teaches you how to use them in detail

In recent days, Alipay has launched a new strategy, which is worth spending more than 4 yuan on each movie ticket. How can Alipay spend more money on movie cards? Below the old players to tell you the old play tutor you detailed use strategy!

Alipay flower super Movie card use strategy:

1, interested friends in the flower value Movie card, you need to enter Alipay's personal center to open the flower page first, and then find the "super value Movie card" from the list of "super value rights".

2. It will cost 24 yuan to apply for the value-added movie, and the validity of the movie card will last for three months, which can help you reduce 10 movie tickets at most every month.

3, after successfully handling the flower value Movie card, we need to search in Alipay to enter the interface of the panning ticket, so that when the tickets are purchased, we can get the corresponding concessions.

Friends who often like watching movies, don't miss the movie card!