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What tea is better to drink in winter? 9 kinds of tea have different effects

From the theory of traditional health preservation, drinking tea can also cure and prevent diseases. Drinking tea in winter can also prevent diseases. But different tea has different indications. Everyone should choose the right tea to drink. What kind of tea is suitable for winter?

1. Drinking black tea to prevent influenza

Black tea is the best tea in winter. Black tea is sweet and warm, which can nourish the Yang Qi of human body; black tea is rich in protein and sugar, which can heat and warm the abdomen, enhance the cold resistance of human body, and help digestion and remove greasiness. In some places of our country, there is also the habit of drinking black tea with sugar, milk and sesame, which can not only warm the stomach, but also add nutrition and strengthen the body.

Studies have found that black tea can reduce the incidence rate of stroke and heart disease. Stroke and heart disease are the high incidence diseases in winter, so the elderly with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases often make a cup of warm black tea in winter, which can not only warm the body, but also play a role in disease prevention.

In addition, the common use of black tea mouthwash or direct drinking has the effect of preventing influenza, which is also necessary in winter. Black tea black tea also has a unique effect on preventing osteoporosis and reducing the incidence rate of skin cancer, which makes the audience of black tea more extensive. As black tea is a kind of fermented tea, it is weak in stimulation and is especially suitable for people with weak stomach and body.

When drinking black tea, it's best to control the tea quantity at 3-5g. It's better to drink it hot and soak it now. If it's put for a long time, the nutrition and taste will be discounted.

2, drink Puer tea, old fellow, old iron can nourishing the stomach.

As the saying goes: 'drink raw tea in summer and old tea in winter. 'because of the hot and dry summer, people are easy to catch fire, while raw tea has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification, relieving heat and greasiness; in the cold winter, the nature of the old tea is mild and mellow, and the beneficial bacteria contained in the tea has the effect of warming the body and nourishing the stomach.

After fermentation, tea will derive a large number of substances, which are basically small molecules, conducive to the absorption of human gastrointestinal tract, with small irritation.

3. Drinking oolong tea to prevent dry mouth

Oolong tea is a kind of semi fermented tea, which is between green tea and black tea. Its color is green and brown, so it is also called 'green tea'. In taste, oolong tea has the fragrance of green tea and natural flowers, as well as the mellow taste of black tea. It is not cold or hot, and the temperature is moderate. Therefore, it has the functions of moistening the skin, moistening the throat, promoting the production of body fluid, and clearing the accumulated heat in the body, which can make the body adapt to the changes of natural environment.

In winter, most of the indoor air is dry, and people are prone to dry mouth and dry lips. At this time, a cup of Oolong tea can relieve the suffering of dryness. In addition, oolong tea has a good decomposition effect on protein and fat, which can prevent fat accumulation in the liver. For people who are afraid of sticking fat in winter, green tea also has a certain weight loss effect.

By the way, Tieguanyin belongs to oolong tea, but if it is not Tieguanyin of traditional old technology, it is different from Oolong tea in the real sense, because the fermentation degree is very light, the tea nature is different and cold.

4. Drinking flower tea can relieve depression and irritability

Flower tea includes jasmine tea, Magnolia tea, osmanthus tea, rose tea, etc. it is made of green tea with different fragrant flowers.

Generally speaking, flower tea can nourish the liver, strengthen the limbs and dredge the meridians. Taking jasmine tea as an example, it can clear away heat, relieve summer heat, invigorate spleen and calm nerves, and has good effect on treating dysentery and preventing stomach pain. And honeysuckle tea can clear away heat, detoxify, refresh and quench thirst, and has ideal curative effect on throat swelling and pain, and also has good effect on preventing influenza. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a suitable choice in winter, especially for women who are prone to depression and irritability before and after menopause and menstruation. It is advisable to drink flower tea to eliminate depression.

5. Drinking black tea can resist cold and reduce fat

Black tea is a special kind of tea in China, with a long history of production and rich varieties, such as Yunnan Pu'er tea, Hunan Anhua black tea, Guangxi Liubao tea, Hubei green brick tea, Jingyang Fu brick tea and Sichuan edge tea (kangbrick). Black tea belongs to post fermented tea. Under the action of microorganisms, tea will produce a series of complex chemical reactions, and generate some functional components beneficial to human body.

Pu'er tea and Fu brick tea are the representatives of different types of black tea in China. Their active ingredients are different, but they all have the effect of reducing fat. At present, research shows that Pu'er tea has health care functions such as lowering blood sugar, reducing blood fat, antiviral, etc. In addition, there are many kinds of minerals in black tea, and many of them are higher than other teas. Black tea is warm in nature, which helps keep out cold. It's suitable for people with deficiency cold constitution.

The drinking method of black tea is relatively simple, which can be brewed in a purple clay pot, a flowing cup or a covered bowl. But be sure to wake up with the first tea.

6. Drinking yellow tea helps digestion

Yellow tea is usually divided into yellow bud tea (such as Junshan silver needle, Mengding yellow bud and Mogan yellow bud), yellow small bud (such as Yushan Maojian, Beigang Maojian and Pingyang huangtang) and yellow tea (such as Anhui Huoshan yellow tea and Guangdong dayeqin) according to the old tenderness of fresh leaves. The main quality characteristics of yellow tea are yellow leaf and yellow soup, not only the bottom of the leaves is yellow, but also the dry tea is yellow and bright, and the fragrance is clear and pleasant, and the taste is thick and refreshing.

At present, there are relatively few studies on the health effect of yellow tea. But yellow tea produces a lot of digestive enzymes in the process of depressing yellow tea, which is most beneficial to the spleen and stomach. It is suitable to drink yellow tea for indigestion, inappetence, laziness and obesity. Compared with cool green tea and warm black tea, the sexual flavor of yellow tea is between them. The drinking method of yellow tea is generally similar to that of green tea.

7. Drinking white tea, bacteriostasis and radiation resistance

The processing technology of white tea is relatively simple, which is divided into two processes: withering and drying. Because of the special method of making white tea, the tea is covered with pekoe, the buds and leaves are connected with peduncle, the shape is natural and elegant, the color is silver, gray and green, and the color of the soup is light. According to different picking standards, it can be divided into Baihao silver needle, white peony, Gongmei and Shoumei.

From some related literature reports, compared with other tea, white tea has better antibacterial effect. In addition, white tea also has a good radiation resistance effect. In the United States and Europe, white tea extract is used in the development of facial skin care products. White tea is cool and can reduce fire to dryness.

The drinking method of white tea is generally similar to that of green tea. If it's old white tea, it's similar to black tea.

8. Pu'er tea + tangerine peel, invigorating the spleen and resolving phlegm

Pu'er tea is a kind of ripe tea with mild taste, less stimulation to the spleen and stomach, and can relieve the burden of fat and greasy things on the digestive system. Tangerine peel, the orange peel of Guangdong Xinhui, has the effects of strengthening the spleen and resolving phlegm, relieving greasiness and remaining fragrance, reducing adverse reactions and stopping vomiting. The integration of the two is that in recent years, the market is very popular and popular citrus Pu'er tea and tangerine peel Pu'er tea.

Another method is to brew Pu'er tea for 10 seconds first, filter out impurities, and then add several pieces of tangerine peel to brew together. The combination of the two has not only the fresh fruit fragrance of tangerine peel, but also the strong Chen fragrance of Pu'er, with sweet aftertaste, which is most suitable for drinking when accumulating food.

Usually, people who are easily excited or sensitive, have poor sleep conditions and are weak in body should drink less tea or not at night.

9. Black tea + ginger, resist cold, warm stomach and invigorate Yang

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, black tea is warm and can keep away cold. It is especially suitable for people with cold stomach, cold hands and feet, weak body and diarrhea. And raw ginger is spicy and warm, which is longer than dispersing wind and cold, warming stomach and nourishing yang. Both have a warming effect, double the effect when combined.

To brew black tea, just boiled water should be used, and a little ginger slices or shredded ginger should be added. The brewing time can also be longer, which is conducive to the full dissolution of flavonoids in black tea and is beneficial to health. However, it should be noted that people with hot constitution are not suitable to use ginger with black tea, drinking too much is prone to internal heat symptoms.