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Can the humidifier last all night? Hazards of overuse of humidifier

Some experts say that "humidifier pneumonia" and "air conditioning disease" are caused by excessive household appliances. Can the humidifier be used for one day? How much water does the humidifier need to add for one night? Let's get to know.

How long does the humidifier work in a day

The use time of the humidifier is not strictly regulated by the humidification time. It is better to determine the start-up time according to the indoor temperature and drying degree. Humidifier should not be used continuously, and it is best to use it separately. If you stay indoors as a whole, it is suggested that 2-3 hours in the morning, 2-3 hours in the afternoon, and 2-3 hours before going to bed at night are the best. It is the most comfortable for the human body to maintain the indoor humidity between 40% - 50%. It is suggested that you adjust the indoor air humidity according to this humidity standard.

Can the humidifier last all night

Because humidifier does not have strict humidification time, and outdoor temperature is low at night, generally families need to close doors and windows to maintain indoor temperature, so it is more appropriate to open humidifier. If the weather is too dry, it is OK to open humidifier all night, just pay attention to regulation to avoid excessive indoor humidity; humidity higher than 65% will cause discomfort to human respiratory system and mucous membrane.

How much water does the humidifier add in one night

How much water does the humidifier use in a night depends on the humidification fog of your humidifier and your use gear. Generally, the 3-5l water tank can be humidified for 5-7 hours. Now, the humidifier on the market is generally protected by this water-free power-off protection. When the water is used up, there will be no dry burning. You can use it at night.

Hazards of overuse of humidifier

Prone to pneumonia

Some experts say that "humidifier pneumonia" and "air conditioning disease" are caused by excessive household appliances. The principle of this disease is that the indoor microorganism grows and propagates rapidly due to the excessive humidity of the air. These microorganisms will germinate randomly and then invade the human body, causing lung diseases, such as pneumonia, etc. The humidifier will not be turned off even if it is turned on overnight, which may lead to high indoor humidity and easily lead to 'humidifier pneumonia'. Therefore, do not turn on the humidifier all night.

Susceptible to rheumatism

City CDC experts said that in winter, when the room temperature is low and the humidity is too high, humid air is prone to rheumatism and tracheitis. If the relative humidity reaches more than 80%, it will hinder people's evaporation and heat dissipation, and have adverse effects on people with kidney disease, tuberculosis and chronic waist and leg disease.

Overuse of humidifier is easy to break

If the humidifier is often used, it is easy to overheat the internal part of the humidifier, which will burn out the fuse and cause the machine failure. Every kind of electric appliance has a service life, humidifier is no exception, so we had better control the use of long yo.