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What is the best water for humidifier? Check of humidifier use taboo

In recent years, there are more and more heating equipment, so the indoor temperature is also more and more dry, so the humidifier has become a kind of household appliances that the home must not lack, but if the humidifier is not used properly, it will easily bring harm to the body, so we must pay attention to it.

What's the water in the humidifier

1. In order to facilitate the use of humidifier, many consumers directly add tap water, which is not correct. Tap water generally contains minerals and bacteria in it, and minerals in tap water will precipitate to form small scale, which will affect the service life of air humidifier.

2. The hardness of tap water is also relatively high. The water mist from the air humidifier contains calcium and magnesium ions, which is easy to pollute the indoor air. Causes tracheal contraction, cough, chest tightness and other symptoms, if asthma patients, but also easy to cause asthma. Therefore, we all recommend using distilled water or purified water.

3. If you have a well in your home, the well water is better. After all, the well water is groundwater, pollution-free, and more healthy as an air humidifier. If friends are limited by various conditions, tap water can be used, but they need to boil the tap water and use it after cooling.

Precautions for use of humidifier:

1. When using the humidifier, the power must be turned off before changing the water for the humidifier. The water is conductive, and there is a safety hazard when changing the water when the power is on. The water injected into the driver is clean cold water, do not use warm water, ice water and hot water, or it will reduce the service life of the humidifier. When the humidifier is not in use, the water tank and the main engine should be cleaned and kept dry. For the humidifier We should pay attention to keep the humidifier dry after cleaning the scale with detergent; then we should pay attention to the direction when adding water to the humidifier, so as to prevent water from entering the main engine.

2. For the use of humidifier, it should be noted that the humidifier should be placed in a warm environment for about half an hour during the first use; the use environment of humidifier is the temperature not lower than 10-40 ℃; the water used for the humidifier should not be high temperature or very low temperature water; during the operation of humidifier, it should be kept away from other household appliances; it should be avoided to place things in cavities On the body, this will bring you noise; after that, please be careful not to turn on the humidifier without water.

3. In addition, the humidifier should be cleaned once a week. When cleaning, brush gently with a soft bristle brush. Wipe the water tank and sensor with a soft cloth. Shake the water tank for several times and then pour it out. The ultrasonic humidifier is easy to clean with special cleaning agent or white vinegar. The electric humidifier should regularly remove the dirt in the water tank. The pure humidifier should replace the evaporator and filter screen on time. For a long time, after the water in the water tank is drained, clean and dry all parts of the humidifier before collection. In particular, the humidifier shall not be used in the case of freezing ice, and shall be shut down immediately in case of failure; do not put the machine into water for cleaning; do not use hard objects to scrape away the scale.