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How to distinguish the authenticity of mutton by eating hotpot in winter? Easy identification in one

It's almost the time to eat hotpot again. Let's learn how to distinguish the real and fake mutton. Mutton is a kind of food that must be ordered when eating hotpot. However, some unscrupulous traders often use some fake and inferior products to pretend to be true and false in order to seek profits. Do you know how to distinguish the real and fake mutton?

What? Is mutton still fake? Can it be fake?

In fact, the event of fake mutton did not just happen. A few years ago, fake mutton appeared in the market. But now there are more and more fake mutton, which is mainly hard to distinguish. Besides, people don't wash the hot pot with clear water, and they won't pay attention to it when they eat it. They just feel that the taste is not good. They think it's a little bit of mutton, and they will make do with it.

You may be surprised to say that: I transferred to five mutton stores on Saturday, and they are all the best and most expensive mutton slices. Unfortunately, only one store's mutton slices are true. The other four are mutton with problems. However, the boss is very angry and says that it is absolutely superior mutton, with the price between 25-30 yuan per Jin.

So how does fake mutton come from? Isn't it meat?

Fake mutton is also meat, just other meat such as duck, pork, beef, etc. because mutton is in great demand in winter, the price will be very high, and the price of other meat will be much cheaper than mutton. Under the guidance of interests, some bad businesses start to make fake, and use other meat with mutton essence, which smells like mutton.

What's the harm of fake mutton? It's all meat, isn't it?

If you only use other meat to disguise mutton, of course, there is no harm, but what's abhorrent is that there is mutton essence in the fake mutton. Mutton essence is a kind of essence, with spices as the main material, it will have a good smell, can be fresh meat, a small amount of food will not cause harm to the body. However, if the chemical mixture is used as the main material, it can volatilize harmful substances and cause harm to human cells. If such food is used for a long time, the toxins in the body will accumulate to a certain extent, and it may also cause cancer.

When we buy mutton slices later, we must pay attention to observation to prevent buying fake mutton.

Today, I'll share with you how to distinguish the real and fake mutton: it's really hard to distinguish if you don't look carefully. It's all red and white meat. But there is a big difference when we carefully observe it.

The white meat and red meat of real mutton are connected. The texture is clear and natural.

The white meat and red meat of the fake mutton are separated, white is white, red is red, one piece at a time.

The best way to distinguish the fake mutton is to freeze the mutton slices. The frozen fake mutton shows its original shape immediately. Let's look at the picture below. The red meat and white meat of the frozen fake mutton are separated with a touch. It's not natural meat.

Let's take a look at the real mutton (see the picture below), but the real mutton is different. We tear it with our hands. The white meat and the red meat are conglutinated. The meat is very natural. Compare it with the picture above.

Let's take a look at the real and fake mutton after unfreezing. After reading the picture below, if you ask which one is fake, I think you will say the first one is fake. Obviously, the red part and the white part of the fake lamb are basically separated, and it looks like they are spliced together. But the real mutton stripes are still obvious and look natural.

Put the real and fake mutton into the hot water pot and cook it for about 2 minutes. The fake mutton is scattered after being impacted by boiling hot water, and the color becomes unnatural. But the real mutton, the meat quality became compact.

In the future, before buying mutton slices, you must take one out and put it in the palm of your hand. It will melt in a few seconds. If you find that the meat is not natural, you should not buy it. It must be fake