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How to remedy the broken lipstick? How to keep lipstick best in winter

Many people have encountered the situation of broken lipstick, so how to remedy the broken lipstick? Lipstick is a daily necessary cosmetics for many girls, so how to repair the broken lipstick? How to preserve the winter lipstick?

How to remedy the broken lipstick

1. First take out the broken part of lipstick, and then prepare the hair dryer;

2. Adjust the blower to the hot air, align it with the bottom of the broken lipstick, and soften the paste at the bottom;

3. When the bottom part of the broken lipstick softens, stick it to the remaining paste in the lipstick tube;

4. Press the broken part towards the remaining paste with slight force of hand, and then fill the overflow lipstick to the fault with cotton swab;

5. Finally, put the lipstick in the refrigerator and refrigerate it until the two lipsticks are frozen into one, then they can be taken out.

Remedy for broken lipstick

(1) First, heat the broken lipstick left in the tube with a hair dryer or water vapor to melt the solid lipstick. In this way, the residual lipstick paste can be softened and has adhesiveness, so that the broken lipstick can be effectively bonded back to the tube.

(2) After heating, gently press the upper part of lipstick onto the heated and softened lipstick, wipe off the protruding part of the joint due to pressing with a cotton swab, so as to better bond the two paste bodies together. When pressing, pay attention not to use brute force, but to use the cotton pad to rotate the broken lipstick into the tube gently, and control the force well.

(3) Put the grafted lipstick into the refrigerator and freeze for 3-5 hours, then close the lipstick lid to make the paste softened by heating solidify again. The repair of lipstick is finished.

How to keep lipstick in winter

Scrape the lipstick off the already used layer, then spin it into the bottle, cover the bottle tightly and put it in the shade. Do not allow direct sunlight or places with high temperature to avoid dissolving or deterioration. It can be used up before the shelf life.

Lipstick is the most primitive and most common lipstick. It is generally solid, and its texture is more dry and hard than lip gloss and lip gloss. Lipstick has become the common cosmetics of modern women in China. A good lipstick on the lips can make people look particularly charming. The color saturation is high, the color covering power is strong, and because the solid is not easy to overflow due to too deep lip lines, it is often used to modify lip shape and color.